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Pump cylinder question

Pump cylinder question

Is this site trustworthy? I mean, I’ve been to sites that seem like they would be (, but they’ve screwed up orders.

2) My base girth is 5.75” and my base width is 2”. What size cylinder is right for me? The 2.25?

Thanks for the link. So, according to the link, I should wear a 2 inch cylinder? The measurements are kind of broad there. They have 5.5 wearing a 1 3/4th inch tube, then they jump to 6.25 wearing a 2 inch tube.

Well, KC, it depends on what you’re going for: length or girth.

A smaller diameter cylinder puts more emphasis on length: larger diameter encourages girth.


Well, I could go for both, really. But I’d really like to work on length first, since that’s more noticeable in my opinion. Also, to prevent the demonic donut of doom, would reversed (so the adhesive doesn’t touch the skin) electrical tape around the circumcision scar work? Or does it need to be an easily expanded material?

You will be packing a 1.75 tube immediately. I think you should go for the 2.0 tube.

Thanks, Prent. :)


To prevent the donut just be cautious when you’re pumping. Use low pressure, and limit your time to begin with.


I’ve ordered a 2” kit from and all things considered I got my order with no problems. One think to note is that the pump they show in most of the pics on their website is *NOT* the pump I got.. They seem to have updated to a “new” website shortly after I placed my order but are using images that to me would appear to be the “old” systems based on the handle style and the vacuum gauge design.

More about my order here

Thanks, Mertios. I’ll look into this one too, since it seem spriced less. Wonder if they also have free shipping. I’ll head over to your MOS post now.

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