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Powerstretch Penis Enlargement System


Powerstretch Penis Enlargement System

Has anyone heard of the “Powerstretch Penis Enlargement System”?
A system by which a pump is worn at a low pressure, and weights are then hung from the tube.

Has anyone had any experience / results from one of these devices?

Any info on the topic?


-Raptor15 (7.5"X6")&Rising

Raptor 15 doesn’t sound to bad at all for the money, it is a lot cheaper than original Trac-man. About the same price as a Bib though. And the Bib has a lot more reviews. All or almost all positive. I am using my Bib as I type this..Bib said should be any day now as well. With all of the options out now we all should have a lot of growth..

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Yea just buy a Bib when they come back into production.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

It looks like a good device, but I don’t think it’ll work well for people with a low LOT who have to target their tunica more than their ligs.

Originally posted by Wanna7.5…2facat alog%2f

Interesting….but I dont think im going to waste anymore money than I already have on PE equipment!….maybe if my gains stop again….and I have more money :P

Agreed. When I first began PE I bought 2 payguides (before I ever heard about these forums). I’ve bought a Bib, and all the other stuff I’ve paid for specifically to PE - heating pad, talcum, wraps (for hanging), a tailor’s tape measure (LOL), etc., etc.
That’s enough money. Now, if only I could stick to the damn workouts!

Hey there,

I got one, however it looks like I got humped on the price and paid £150 ;(

Unit works ok however and I dont have any problems with it at all, I will be going 2 months prior to posting any measurements and a wee review for any folks that may be interested in pump/hanging.


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Just wondering how the Powerstretch is working out for you? Could you comment on how good of a stretch it delivers etc. Is it easy to use as a pump and does it hold a vacuum well enough to produce gains? You seem pretty happy with this device so far.

Thanks for any comments and additional info.


Hey ineed9,

I did say I was going to write something but life drags you down sometimes ;)

For 4 months I have used the powerstretch device for pumping only. This was because in my opinion I didnt pack the tube enough to allow hanging ( and to be honest I was nervous). Around the start of December I hung using the device for the first time and realised a gain of 1/4 inch within a week.

However I had been doing a VERY consistent personal version of pumping101 for 4 months prior to this and I think it was the little boost I needed to get the gain in length having already seen a 1/4 inch girth base to head.

Anyway before I ramble to much :) . From testing weights/vacuum levels I have found that I can hang,

4 lbs at around 5”hg
6 lbs at around 7-8”hg
8 lbs at around 10-12”hg

Donut appears at around 20minutes so its a crap idea to use for this time (only done that once and learned from the mistake) 10 min session followed by jelks then hang again works. I cant compare hanging 8 lbs to pump/hanging 8 lbs because I’ve never used a normal hanger (wanna build one but I’m too lazy) but it feels nice and fat and long rather than just stretched because you are hanging with a cock full of blood(something considered very dodgy in hanging circles)

It is comfortable to wear but “extremely” uncomfortable to use. You have to stand whilst using and personally I have to tilt my torso at 15degrees forward or the weight will break the seal and ouchhies it’ll pop off.

After using the device for 5 weeks as it was meant I have reduced my workouts to allow some time for recovery as on average I was spending 1 1/2 hours per night (almost ever night) pumping/hanging/jelking and it really did become noticeable how tired the fellow was when i wasnt waking ever morning with wood.

The last 4 days I have reduced to 2 10-15 min jelk sessions (slow 4-5 second jelks) and almost immediately I have regained the rock hard morning surprise (added length and girth are still there). I plan to stick to this for another 10 days then add pumping again.

I doubt I will go back to hanging using the P/stretch at this time for hanging but its still a hanger if I need it.

I would advise if you have a pump setup at the moment pass on it if your looking to buy one consider it because it works as good as any pump and the option to hang is there.

edited to add - just dont pay 150 pounds sterling for it !!


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Hello brag,

Thanks much for the reply. Wasn’t sure if you would see my post since I had to do a search here on the P-S, but glad you saw it. I find your comments on the PS very interesting. Firstly, your top comments about packing the tube makes me wonder, Isn’t the PS suppose to be sized for your individual girth in order to hang properly? I can see how you’d be nervous about hanging if there is not enough girth to handle the weight load.

I have hung using a regular hanger (The Grip) which hangs from the head only and delivered a fantastic stretch to the shaft and ligs, but that was using it totally flaccid, not pumped. So, I can see how this device is a really different method of hanging (better or worse, not sure about that).
When or after using the PS do you feel any lig stretch from pulling on the shaft?

The other thing you mention about hanging with the member full of blood sounds risky indeed! You almost always hang totally flaccid if possible. But at the same time the device seems simple to use, like using a pump, which I like very much! I too have been pumping for around a month now so my unit is adapted pretty good.

I’m glad also you give weight/vacuum and Hg levels.
Sounds like the Hg definately goes up as the weight increases, but is certainly expected. I would like to hang from around 8- 12 lbs but seems the hg levels would get extremly high in those weight ranges.
Is it possible just to lower the hg while hanging? Or would the PS slip off if that’s done?

It’s interesting you said it feels nice and fat and long. The word “long” got my attention cause I’m really after length rather than girth at this time. If the PS isn’t harmful or detrimental to the penis in hanging mode, then maybe this would be a good device to use for gaining “mainly length” and continue using my pump or the PS for girth gains.. would you agree?

Something else, I have looked at many pic’s of the PS at different sites and you say the first 4” (the smaller inside tube) is the portion used for hanging. I am 6” erect, so, does that mean that about 2” is hanging out in the larger tube cylinder? If so, dosen’t the remaining 2” of member pump up larger than what’s in the smaller tube? Is that how hanging is accomplished?

Lastly, I have been in contact with a guy named Alan thru emails. He has the web site and says he is the inventor of the device. I asked how much weight could be hung using the PS, his response was he has comfortably hung 24 lbs with it with no blistering on the head and no serious problems. Just wondering what you might think of his comments?

I can get the PS Max 10 “cylinder only” from him for 67 British pounds or $125.00 US Dollars. I already have the US made Mityvac hand pump so wouldn’t need the PS pump. He said too that in the past they have mainly only sold to sexshops and this is there first web site.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded reply, us guys just want to get all the facts before making any purchase like this, if you know what I mean.




Does the PS unscrew or come apart in some way for cleaning? If not, like you said it must be a pain to clean. Just wondering.


I got a shiney digital camera for Crimbo from my mom and dad so will take photos and post them here in a few hours.

First I’ll have to read the guidelines on posting size and wait till the family goes to bed because “she” doesnt know about it, it sits in the delivery box I got it in next to my weight bench out in the open my idea is that if I dont hide it there isnt any reason for her to look lol, worked for 5+ months so far.

Whats your girth at ? The P/S 10 has a 5.5” girth in the lower 4” so if you pack that comfortably your laughing. I have a traffic cone penis so waited till I was a full 5.5” girth for 4” from the base.

I am now 5.75” at the base 5.5” mid point 5.125” under the glans.

I really think using the P/S max 10 (with the 5.5 tube section) you will hang VERY easily if you actually have 5.75” - 6” girth as your cock will grip so much better at “lower” vacuum levels and it will be a much better experience.

I think there is a powerstretch max 12 as well I’ll have to look for some email correspondance I have to check the sizes and will get back.

>>ineed9 said
When or after using the PS do you feel any lig stretch from pulling on the shaft?

Because I tilt my torso forward to stop it pulling off some lig stretch is removed and I would compare it to hanging half way between SO and SD.

>>ineed9 said
It’s interesting you said it feels nice and fat and long. The word “long” got my attention cause I’m really after length rather than girth at this time. If the PS isn’t harmful or detrimental to the penis in hanging mode, then maybe this would be a good device to use for gaining “mainly length” and continue using my pump or the PS for girth gains.. would you agree?

I get very little length stretch when I pump unless I go over 10”hg I dont like the feeling and can see the start of lymph so dont do it. The P/S gives a nice pump feeling with far far better stretch. Even after 5+ months pumping I still cant pump beyond my actual length in the tube (something many people report being able to do to various degrees)

It is a pain to clean and doesnt unscrew although I took it to bits after much shouting twisting pulling yanking (and that was just my willy) I’ll explain in the pics.

Hmmm reading this sounds like I have had a change of heart saying how good it is … damn ;) What I have to emphasize is if you are far away from the girth of the bottom section dont buy it because it wont work without you over pumping. Even with my current stats I want to wait till I have another 1/4 girth before going back to it, 5.5” girth is one thing but cocks tend to be wider so dont fit tubes properly and you really need a good seal to hang.


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Hey brag,

Thanks for the reply again! I think I’ll start at the bottom of your post this time. OK, I’m currently pumping and have a 1 3/4” x 10” tube. Been pumping (again) for about 1 month now. My current erect girth is around 5” unpumped but I can almost pack the tube so, pumped girth is about or almost 5.5”. It would be great if the PS max 10 came with a little smaller ID tube of about 1.5” or 1 5/8” but that’s not the case. Oh well…

That fellow Alan @ PS-2 said with my current girth I would fit the PS 10 “perfectly”. He did not give an actual ID for the PS max 10 so I had to wonder some about that. Anyway, I really like pumping and plan to continue with my current tube (pack it, try for more length as well) and eventually move up to a 2” x 10” when I pack this one. I thought I could pack this one first and then go for more length using this same smaller tube but it will take forever at my current rate of gains (lengthwise).

I think the PS 12 has the same bore size as the 10” PS. Alan said (I think) if your over 6-6.5” to get thier “Big Bore” model but I sure don’t need anywhere near that!

After reading your post, I now see I’m a bit shy of the needed girth to keep a really good seal. But, at the same time I’m almost halfway packing my 1 3/4” tube so, with time and patience as you have done, I think it would be very possible to use the PS in the future.

I was planning to use the PS in a SO “sitting” position as well as in a 30* reclined position with the weights attached. Have you tried those positions and did they work for you? That Alan fellow said he always hung in those positions as well and got good results with the stretch.

Anyway, don’t give up on the PS just yet my friend. Sounds like you are making great strides to get where you want to be! I can’t get past my current erect length either in the tube, although I just started again but feel sure with time I will. I’m seeing good results from pumping thus far.

Yes, please do post those pic’s. Would like to see the PS in action. Only seen pic’s on web sites.

PS, great job of hiding the PS! WoW 5+ months and not found out yet.
I knew those delivery boxes were good for something.




I haven’t forgotten just haven’t had peace for more than 3 seconds since I last posted.

>>from dash(where i bought mine)

The measurements are as follows

Powerstretch 10 - 1.75” diameter, 5.5” circumference, 10” length
Powerstretch 12 - 2.25” diameter, 7.07” circumference, 12” length.

They where talking about the narrow section of the tube, I wonder given what Alan says Dash only stock the P10 or the big bore P12 ? Sounds probable.

One thing is for sure If I had bought the P12 at 2.25” dia I would have thrown it into the back of a cupboard by now :)

I think I’ll try different or at least higher hanging angles - deviates from my schedule but I’m game, for most things anyway ;)

I’m just gonna post pics of the device in pieces, not me actually hanging because well I don’t want too :) I’ll stick a ruler in the pic though and maybe a shoe or something for perspective.

I’ll get them up later tonight though, promise !


||looking for something to .... about||

It would seem from the web site, that the powerstretch company has gone out of business.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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