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My Thoughts on the Bathmate After 2 Years.

Originally Posted by Gravik
Was it worth the $160?

Still testing, but so far so good. It is easy to handle and store. Feels much more comfortable than any air based pumps I used. Judging from my “feeling”, I’d say the pressure is about 5inHg which is the pressure I had been using. With reasonable care, there is nothing to break. All pump tubes I used so far broke at the hose connection point :(

For now, I am incline to say “yes”, but not 100% sure yet ;) Only time will tell. The pump itself is not really that expensive, it is just ridiculous I have to pay $60 to ship a piece of plastic tube :( That’s why I had been waiting for years for my local sex shop to carry this item instead of ordering it online.

BTW, do make sure your unit is manufactured AFTER March-2013. If not, have the shop test it for you before paying! Read this to find out why:….php?af=1420547

*** Read the warnings and be aware of the risk of PE before starting ***

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I am working on getting one ! I want to know who has used one before having sex ? I have read that you keep the pumped up girth for an hour.

That would be fun to stretch the GF more than she is used to ,, see if she feels a differance.

I have used mine before sex without my wife knowing. It was not immediately before, but within half an hour. I don’t get a ton of expansion girth-wise from any exercise including the Bathmate. Usually only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. That said, I did get a comment about my size and “being ready” that lead me to believe there was a large enough gain for her to notice. I gotta say it felt pretty damned good.

Haha, nice !!

Hey Vincent Van Cock congrats on your gains bro.

“She says it feels like I am pulling out skin when I pull my dick out”

What kind of erect girth (non pumped) are you sporting to get that kind of reaction from your wife? 8” is roughly coke can size if you can’t measure you can try comparing to that. Also if you have some cialis you can try measuring while on that it may help you stay hard.

Is the effect long lasting or last only for a couple of hours, as most pumps do?

I just started useing mine , so far it seems ok.

I think I expected a little more from pumping, but from what I have seen on here, it will come in time.

If you combine jelqing and pumping, do you think it’s better to jelq before or after a BM session? I’ve been doing after but only started a few weeks ago.

You can warm up for ten minutes under low vacuum in the Bathmate, then jelq for ten minutes, then pump for another ten to twenty minutes. You can pump and take a break every ten minutes or so and do a hundred or so jelqs. The Bathmate works awesome as a warm up tool. Much easier than a hot cloth or rice sock. I’d definitely warm up first, then whichever way you decide to go likely won’t matter much.

Thanks for the tips raybbaby, will try throwing in a warm up going forward on low vacuum!

Has anyone used the bath mate for a year and stopped for a year or so? Just curious to see if girth gains slowly diminished or it was permanent?


Hello all,
I am in need of good girth. is about 2.5 while midshaft is 3 inches. As you can imagine it frustrates me. Now I am keen on the bath mate for girth gains but how long before gains are cemented?Also do you pump fully or semi erect?


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I don't get anything out of my Bathmate.

I have only had it a few months, but it doesn’t seem to have much vacuum, and I haven’t seen a bit of gain.

I am thinking about just using an LA tube with a little water in the first few inches.

Bath Mate The Perfect PE Device

Originally Posted by repeter
I have only had it a few months, but it doesn’t seem to have much vacuum, and I haven’t seen a bit of gain.

I am thinking about just using an LA tube with a little water in the first few inches.

I can only say you have not learned how to use it yet! If you don’t get the vacuum you do not have it sealed! Use ample lubrication on your member and let the lube cover all surfaces where you must seal the device to your body. Consider shaving the body contact area. This is the way it works. Lube up good, seal necessary areas with the lube. Be sure the end of your dick is lubed to keep it from sticking to the internal surfaces of the tube as it grows outward. And, man will it grow! Pump it down, you can feel the vacuum increase. Be sure you have some room for growth within the tube. Do NOT go in with a hard on!. Pump it down and feel the increase in vaccum. You can get a good, easy to feel vacuum just by pumping on the device and expelling water out the valve. But, where the magic takes place is when your dick grows up the tube, filing more and more of the internal volume. That volume (dick) increase causes the vacuum to increase to a fantastic intensity. You would NOT want it to be any stronger. This is one great feeling. It is so intense that I usually limit this force to about 5 or no more than 10 minutes. Take it out and you will see an immediate quarter to 3/8s inch girth increase. Believe me, this will become permanent gain! Do this routine three times a day along with 100 to 200 Jelqs and you will be bigger and soon. I have had fantastic results with this device. Yes, my unit is much bigger and within a period of less than 10 weeks. I have put on a good extra inch.. Now 7-1/4 BPEL and 3/8 mid Girth and perhaps 1/2 Girth at the base. My wife can’t believe it and man, does she love it!
The problem could be that the valve is not sealing. If this is the case, you will know it! Make it work! There is nothing better!

Originally Posted by repeter
I have only had it a few months, but it doesn’t seem to have much vacuum, and I haven’t seen a bit of gain.

I am thinking about just using an LA tube with a little water in the first few inches.

A couple of other thoughts as follows: Fill your Bate Mate with very warm water. Fill it completely. The point is to have your dick covered as completely as possible with warm water as you are working it. It feels great. With the water in the tube you dick looks gigantic (due to the light refraction plastic/water). This is a psychological boost.. Every little bit helps!


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