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Mushroom Head Pumping and increased sensitivity

Just an idea, Could one use a regular cylinder and fill 2/3 of the top with Styrofoam or something to reduce the size. Then put a straw or something down the middle or some way for the air to escape?

Originally Posted by hwymiles
Phenyo, (or anyone else) would you be so kind as to look at the eBay link below and tell me what you think? Do you think it will also help with sensitivity? Thanks

Item number: 310028149583

I bought one of those yesterday lol. I heard the reviews aren’t so great though. It supposedly has a tendency to act like a regular pump and it sucks more than just your glans in (painful, when your glans hits the end of the cylinder). So I might just have to play around with it to keep it still.

Random Giant — a few posts back I posted a link to a possible solution to that:

Penis Head Enlarger Size Reduction - Tips n Tricks…page/1#Post4579

Take a look at the picture — basically the guy puts one of those silicone pump sleeves on the entrance, which then gives a good tight seal.

I have seen those sleeves on ebay for around $12.00. Probably they are in adult bookstores too.

I ended up ordering one of the head enlargers yesterday too so we will see. I hope it comes this week. Did not order a silicone sleeve yet.

RandomGiant, Please let me/us know how the eBay head pump works out. I think I’ll hold off until I learn more. Thanks.

Alright so I guess I’m in the same boat as you. I’ll look into getting one of the sleeves myself, but I’m sending a money order so I probably wont get started with it for another week. Let me know how it goes with you. Thanks for the heads up! I saw the post you made previously but it kind of looked like the head enlarger pump included some kind of sleeve attached, but I guess not.

Will do hwy.

RandomGiant — from other pictures I have seen it just looks like a flanged base that narrows into sort of a “cockring.”

The other thing about it is — it is supposed to be a “second stage” cylinder. You use your regular cylinder first, and then use this one — theory is. I guess, that since your penis is already pumped up when you go into the head enlarger, it is supposed to be easy to get a seal. Maybe the reviewers didn’t know that? And used it before pumping with the regular cylinder???? We shall see…

For what it is worth, I found a picture of a guy using it on this site that sells them. The picture is “tasteful” — standard sex toy catalog type model and pic. But Warning — this page is not for work:…larger_250.html

Originally Posted by hwymiles
Phenyo, can you give a link to the pump you speak of? I’ve seen a gland pump on eBay.

Greetings HWYMiles,

I have read this whole thread and I do not think I made mention of a specific cylinder but I had the following in mind in saying that let it be known that I have yet to experiment with Mushroom Head Pumping and the correlation with increased sensitivity. My only near experience has been based on experiences in my normal 2” cylinders. On some days my head expands a lot some times relatively even more than the rest of my shaft, on these days my head is rather sensitive. I have had a look at the link you have provided and I can not draw conclusions on that product as I have not used it before, however I am sure other folk will look into that for you and provide you with better guideline pertaining to that.

Take care and best wishes.

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Interesting, I don’t think it said much about the cheap ass one I bought. If I like it maybe I’ll upgrade later on, but I’ll definitely try it after using my regular cylinder as well.

I got my ebay Kaplan Head Enlarger late last week, unfortunately right before I was headed out of town. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. However out of curiousity when it arrived, I got an erection and stuck it into the cylinder. It looks like I will be able to get a seal behind the glans and be able to isolate the head with this thing. Hopefully I will get to try it out later in the week and will report back. Did not come with instructions, which surprised me a little. Did you get yours yet, RandomGiant?

Panos — how is the routine going now that you have had this a while?

I Just bought one as well, ill let you know how I get on in a week or two when I get it.

Yeah both the head pump and a silicone sleeve are waiting for me in the mail room, but I can’t pick them up until tomorrow night. Will post details when I try them out.

The cheap eBay version is pretty cool. Even with a silicone sleeve your dick will still get sucked to the end of the 4.5 inch cylinder though (a little bigger than I thought it would be). All you have to do is hold it back with your hand which really isn’t that bad because you can feel a little stretch, so I’m doing two exercises simultaneously! I’ll put the silicone sleeve to use with my full size lapdist pump so it doesn’t go to waste.

Knowing what I know now, I would still buy the head pump because it is pretty cheap and it will help me focus pressure on my glans. So far most of my gains from pumping have been at the base making my girth ratio even further apart, so it will be nice to focus on the first couple inches for a change (so far I have hardly been consistent though). I’m planning on using it regularly at pretty low pressures as I am already getting a bit of a workout on my glans from hanging.

Yep, I am thinking super low pressure too. Thanks for the update. Glad to here that you like it. I am kinda on a decon so I won’t get to use mine until this weekend or next week.

As soon as I got mine I could see I would not need the silicone sleeve, but I think getting one for the regular cylinder is a great idea. The guys that have them say they are very comfortable and help a lot with getting a good seal.

WTF man! You increased your girth almost 2” in half a year. How?

Originally Posted by sta-kool

As soon as I got mine I could see I would not need the silicone sleeve

Yeah, if you take out the flanged base and replace it with the silicone sleeve, you can pump at higher pressures with a better seal. Both of them together definitely don’t mix very well. However the base that it comes with is good enough for me.


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