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Manual stretching after using the Bathmate


Originally Posted by Peter Mac
What do you think about the strategy of using the Bathmate twice a day?

For the video google ‘bathmate 6 week challenge’ and you will find it.

I think twice a day is overdoing it. I don’t believe there are short cuts and I think you risk damaging your prize asset. The pressure is intense in the BM and there is no gauge so you have to be cautious. I personally think sticking to the BM recommendations of a 5 min warm up and 15-20 mins work is the way to go. Add in consistency over a year and I’ll be well on the way to what I want.

Really though you can try and test if it is good for you. I follow the policy of your cock, your choice ;-)

I always found stretching or doing any PE before pumping to be far more beneficial than the other way around. The pump keeps you extended and engorged, similar to how edging works after your PE routine. Plus it is easier to grip before the puffiness after pumping.

I use a bathmate x30 in the shower after working out. I’ve been inconsistent in my routine, but I try to use the bm a couple times per week to keep my penis vascularized. Don’t know if it really makes a difference, I think it does.

Still, I do 5min with very low pressure to warm up and get it used to pumping, stop and do 50 jelqs, go for another 5min with higher pressure, jelg another five and do one last time, same thing.

I never had any kind of edema, discoloration, doughnut or anything like that. Of course I am cautious, but I have never pumped before bm.

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I use a bathmate hercule since 2 years. Tough to gain erect lenght with it. Pumping hard I can reach 18,5 cm lenght so 1 cm more than my std erect 17 cm. Lenght isn’t permanent after a day
I notice:
- gain flaccid lenght (however I practiced PE over 10 years by periods)
- gain girth when flaccid
- bigger gland while flaccid or erect
- gain girth when erect (5,5 “)
- erect lenght: probably a 5 mm gain over a 2 years period

certainly that results might change according to the user

so today I’m just pumping a little bit lower level of my std erect lenght during a 20/30 mn session. Gains are real over time while erect or flaccid.


Use a traction device

After 20 minutes of continuous Bathmate (no breaks), I use a traction device for 1.5 hour then later that day I do another hour and a half of stretching, I do this every other day with results.


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