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Low pressure for one continuous hour.

Low pressure for one continuous hour.

Is pumping at an extremely low pressure for a long amount of time beneficial?

With my experience of pumping I would say no. I do two 15-20 min sets at 5g max every day. (once in the morning and once at night) Jelq in between of course. Maybe you might want to use a ring to keep it inflated after your pumping… but I always feel too much of a good thing is usually bad. I’m paranoid about losing sensitivity and long pumping sessions do that to me.

Just my two cents.

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Short sets are better. You get far more newly-oxygenated blood into the CCs and have the opportunity to do manual exercises between sets.

If you’re in the tube for an hour, say, not much is happening except lymphatic fluid buildup.



Would milking the tube help oxygenate the blood flow to the CC’s?

I stayed in the tube last night for an hour and I milked the tube and did kegels the entire time. I didn’t have much fluid build up. I followed this by a 2 sets of clamping for 10mins.

I’m with avocet; short sets better, wait a few hours and do a short set again.

Don’t stay in the tube for more than 15 mins without allowing time for fresh circulation.

Long periods of keeping blood locked up in your veins will cause congestion and clotting of white blood cells, and invite infection.

I know because it happened to me. It is painful and dangerous, and expensive to overcome.

I usually do 2 sets of 15 mins at 5g max, one after another and with some jelging in between. Seems to work just fine for me.

I’ve tried it all ways (so who listens to the experts when they’re starting out? :-) Short sets are definitely best, especially with pumping. Longer sets just suck in more lymph fluid. 15 min. max.; I typically do 10 (now). I recently read book that said 5 min. sets were optimal. But I acknowledge that higher pressures and longer sessions are very addictive :-)

Go ahead with those long sets and while you’re at it ratchet that vac down to about 10hg/in. You might like to have a badly bruised dick—you might like to have blisters that bleed about the size of beans—you might like to have ED…You might want to be sore and have bloody semen from a bruised prostate. Yea, and that’s the starters—You might even like to take months and months to heal. Listen

IMO, if the pressure is low enough, blood circulation is not stopped and the exercise works mainly on girth. I like it better than short sets with higher pressure.

Perseverance wins

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