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Length at different pressures


Damn dude, don’t be a wimp, tell her you are PEing, My wife knows I don’t think she cares one way or the other except maybe for the time I am wasting on it. She also is interested in it getting bigger too. I don’t think I have gained much to speak of but it has damn sure improved my EQ. If you have an EQ issue that could be one way to justify it.

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
… . but I only use four squeezes to create my preferred vacuum and then use my mouth to slightly increase the vacuum over the next ten minutes. I do not use a gauge for water pumping because water will harm the gauge… .

Following on from your comments, I now follow this regimen:

1. Lubricate my cock.
2. Fill the cylinder to just below half with water as hot as I can stand it. My dick takes up the rest of the volume without water getting into the pump.
3. Put my dick as far as I can into the cylinder and pump as hard as I can to draw it fully into the cylinder (including sucking with my mouth). If you look at the “Handsome Up” link above, you’ll understand why this is necessary along with the lubrication. Otherwise, ask and I’ll explain further.
4. Immediately release all pressure and wait about 5 minutes for my dick to warm up.
5. Pump four to five squeezes on the bulb. This enlarges my cock to about 16 to 16.5 cm BPL. My BPEL is 18.5 cm.
6. Leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Occasionally pump a bit to keep it at 16 to 16.5 cm (my cock expands in girth and, therefore, has more volume and the suction drops a bit over time). Also, I do Kegels at this stage.
7. Release all pressure for 3 to 5 minutes.
8. Repeat 5, 6 and 7, above.
9. Do some stretches, with an emphasis on pulling my dick back between my legs, hard, and sitting on it for at least five minutes.
10. Edge for 10 minutes or so with a FleshTube to get the blood flowing properly again.

With this regime, I get:

- larger flaccid hang lasting all day (I feel really good in the gym change room)
- increased night and morning wood, so long as I have not ejaculated in the previous 12 hours in which case they mostly don’t occur at all
- increased hardness of erections, again so long as I have not ejaculated in the previous 12 hours
- increase in my normal flaccid size, but I reckon I do have a dorsal thickening problem and there’s been no change in erect length (well, not much) or erect girth. Nevertheless, pumping feels REALLY good and I’ll do it anyway.

So long as I don’t pump more than that, I don’t get any turtling, redness or spotting, achiness or edema.

Hey dtwarren1942 , thanks again for your help.

Sounds like a good routine. I also like to mix in some air pumping to round out the pumping process.


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