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Is this the item used to make home made pumps?

Is this the item used to make home made pumps?

Part no. 07000 ?

Or is it part no. 06820 ?

Sorry to have to ask for clarification, but I am ordering online )as there are no local distributors in my area), and I wanted to make sure I was getting the right thing.

I already have the ProQuatics Deluxe Gravel for the tube.


I believe part number 7000 is the pump alone. You could confirm that by calling them before ordering.

Thanks Westla.

Huh. I was wondering if the kit’s additional equipment (brake bleeding adaptors) are needed for putting it together with the tube. It’s not the kind of thing I can ask the guy over the phone.

“Yes, hello. Would the vaccuum pump alone be compatible with my ProQuatics deluxe gravel tube?”

“What’s that you say? Why am I attaching your brake fluid vaccuum pump to a gravel tube? Why, I’m making a penis pump.”

If they had a local distributor in my area, I’d just go to the store and look at it and decide if the vaccuum pump can be attached without the adaptor package.

Notice how the kit seems to come with several tips of varying sizes that attach to the end of the tube.

Actually I was kind of hoping that someone who had made their own pump would chime in.

7000 appears to have a gauge (confirm this with an email??) and the other one does not. Both of the pumps look like the standard plastic pump. The rebuildable model is a metal housing pump I believe. I have a good idea that Mityvac sells more pumps to pumpers than it does to mechanics, although I doubt they would admit it.

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Thank you Thunder.

It appears that item # 06810 has both the vacuum, gauge AND adaptor tips. I think that is the one I need.

And check out item # 04010. The vacuum pump is graduated in inches of mercury! Perfect for pumpers.

Do you think that they realize that pumpers are buying these?

I imagine LA Pumps is one of their better customers. As long as you get a gauge, any one of them will work. Being an American company, all the gauges will have inches of mercury I believe. If a guy wanted to play around with wet pumping, that fluid reservoir thingy might be a handy item to “customize”.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

So, LA Pumps gets their equipment from MityVac huh?

I can’t see why anyone WOULDN’T want to go directly to MityVac and avoid the middleman! Especially since cylinders of varying sizes can be purchased seperately and for a much lower price than a complete pump.

Well, all that trouble for nothing.

They don’t even have a distributor anywhere NEAR me. I can’t even mail order this thing unless I want to pay up the wazoo on mailing.

So apparently I am going to have to order from either LA Pumps or Vacu Tech after all.

Here’s hoping that they are as discrete as they say….

Do you have an AutoZone or similar auto parts store near you? I bought my Mity Vac II pump at AutoZone.

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You can order the pump from The UPS ground charge brings the price up to about $35, but it does eliminate the “questioning looks” you may get at the local store. Mine took just under a week to arrive.

I got no strange looks at all when I bought mine, but then again I made no unusual faces that might tip off someone to my true intentions for the pump.

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