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Is this a good tube


Originally Posted by Kegler
$42 Total!!

I can order different size tubes for $9; worst case scenario, you head down to auto zone purchase a pump , and order a tube from LA. I would never pay markup on an item that can be found less than a mile away from my home.

Do they have a gauge?

Yes they do. Search for mitivac on google. You can find them cheap. Or there was another brand I can’t recall the name, but someone might chime in on it.

I just searched Autozone’s website because I’d plan on buying a mityvac pump - but they had no results when I searched “Mityvac”

Any other common chains that might carry mityvac?

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Autozone and Checker both have mityvac, at least in my area. Any auto parts store should have a pump for bleeding brakes. That’s what my mityvac was intended to do. Easier to ask for a pump to bleed the brake lines than asking for a pump to enlarge your cock.

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You can always look on Sears’ website for one. I’m sure you can find others somewhere else, but that’s where I purchased mine. It was fast delivery. For some reason the one near my residence didn’t have any. Too bad it can’t be picked up at the store or it would be quicker, but look at a local Sears if you have any for some.


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