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I want to try a water-based pump lube other than KY. Any suggestions?


The lotion I use is Vaseline for men and there is nothing in that that is going to touch plexiglass. I would think that would be the case for most lotions, unless you have something really exotic that you use.

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None. It’s smooth, not sticky, and last a long time.

My only complaint is that it’s quite runny - it drips easily and may stain bed covers or clothes if not used carefully. Once you know this though you can be careful with it. But this won’t work for you, because you’re a stealth pumper, right.

I am a stealth pumper, also, but I guess it’s different, because you have a family, and all I need to do is go into my room, and lock the door. BAM! That’s my privacy. No one ask questions, and I don’t think they want to. :P

I think you should go with clgp7’s suggestion, although, I thought the stuffs from bath and body shop is a little bit expensive?

Gprent- I thought vaseline wasn’t good for your penis? Am I wrong about that?



Astroglide was too thin to get a proper seal.

Have not ordered the Sliquid ‘RIDE’ H2O but plan on it.

My temp solution is this, and is has been working pretty well.

- Use KY generic to lube the first inch and a half of the cylinder
- Lube penis with Astroglide
- Rinse lube off penis when done
- Apply moisturizer to penis

The KY at the entrance gives me a great seal, but since I don’t lube my penis with it, the smell is minimized.

The moisturizer I am using is called Bio-oil.

I always use this post-pump anyway.

I noticed that it has a kind of nice herbal/woody smell to it. It pretty much masks any remaining KY scent.

I also use it on my elbows and skin. So it is a familiar scent around the house, making it pretty “stealthy”.

Try Albolene,it keeps your cock well lubed and it washes clean with a mild soap and water

Pjur Eros Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant (Made in Germany)

Found it at Amazon, bought 500 ml, lasted over a year - yes, some think it is expensive.

Never sticky, safe, does not grow bacteria, post-pump cleanup rarely required = time savings.

The smaller containers are handy and sometimes refillable from the larger containers.

Sex grease from LA pump. Good stuff. Has vitamins and herbs in it also.

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Jojoba oil is what I use when pumping. I’m not a professional pumper by any means, but it works for me.

Thinking of trying this one as it seems quite cheap :…=item45fb72abac


What do you guys think ?

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