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I need a coupon code

I need a coupon code

I was just about to checkout with LA pumps and it asked in the order form for a coupon code. Does anyone know where to get this coupon code, because i think i could get a discount if i could enter one in.

ALso another wuick question aside, does anyone think i should get the thick walled cylinder and pump from vac-tech?


EDIT: which one should i get?


One more thing, does anyone wanna make 10 bucks from my order from la pumps?

Anyone an affiliate from la pumps?

You get the coupon for being a repeat customer.



I assume you are looking at the pump with gauge in the deluxe package from Ladist. If memory serves, this is the only pump made from brass and the others are plastic. I’m not sure about the durability of the plastic pumps, but my brass pump from ladist is over 3 years old now and still works like new.


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