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How to read guage

How to read guage

I’ve bought a pump and the gauge it’s very inaccurate. But I was wondering - when people say 5 hg - do they mean -5hg? because in the vacuum setting on the gauge it’s all in the negatives.

Yes, people mean negative 5Hg. What do you mean when you say your gauge is inaccurate?

sorry, I meant it’s not precise.

If I could figure out how to post images to this site, I could show you.

After you click on the Post Reply window, scroll down past the message box and you will see Addition Options and the second one down is Manage Attachments. Click on that and follow the steps closely. Make sure to upload your attachment before you send your message.

Edit: I just noticed that if you are using yo purple, the Manage Attachments is the third one down under Additional Options.

I don’t like that purple. It’s sub blue for me! :)

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oh..I think you meant “preview reply”

anyway, thanks. I see it now.


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