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How to avoid this? (Picture)


How to avoid this? (Picture)

I am tired of my penis hitting the tube wall closets to my stomach. It stretches the frenulum in a very unpleasant way even though I use lots of water - or oil based glide (tried both, and tried oil too). My penis does not go out in the a 90 dregree angle. It is more like 30-45 degree angle.

Has anyone solved this problem?

Happy hollidays…

You said you were incuding a picture, but didn’t. Not sure what you’re describing here. Maybe, I have the same problem.

When I attached the picture, the forum said it was first uploaded, when accepted by a moderator…

It’s not uploaded, when uploaded it should appear below your text in dark writing untill a moderater approves it. Then it will be a blue clickable hyperlink.

Images uploaded as attachments have size limits, both file size and pixel dimensions. Since the maximum file size is 2 MB, the problem is probably pixel dimensions. Images can be a maximum of 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

See: How to Resize Your Pics

If the image is of your penis, it has to be posted in a thread in the Link to bad forum (forumid 16) removed forum, not here.

Here it is and it is my own fantastic drawing technique.

The problem is that my penis curves “too much”, so the glans hits the wall of my penis closest to my stomach. Will lots of lubrication it can still stretch, but it doesn’t feel very nice - it kinda feels like I am trying to push my penis down when it is erect.

Has anyone solved this problem?

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From the looks of the drawing you”re not even close to packing the tube. May you need a smaller tube so things are forced to “straighten” out and “fill” out accordingly?

How much pressure are you using?

Excuse my really bad drawing.

I actually do fill out the tube proberly, and I use really low pressure: 2,5-3 hg.

When I have a full erection, my penis doesn’t point out in a 90 dregree angle. More like a 40 degree angle pointing towards my head. I thought most guys’ penises was this way. So how have they solved the problem?

Mine does the same thing when I pump that’s why I don’t too much. If I pump often I almost bruise on the tip of the gland due to this part hitting the wall and the rest not fully packing. I just limit pumping sets to 12-18 minutes or less because it starts develop a flat spot on the head. I pump at 5-6 hg been pumping occasionally for about 3 months.

Another decade or two, and you should point lower.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Another decade or two, and you should point lower.

Yes, and that sucks, eh? Then again, I’m not sure whether the lower angle is due to a larger and heavier dick or age. Maybe a bit of both.

Looks like you have an upward curve and a strong erection. Just put plenty of lube around the head so it slides easily against the tube and you should be fine.

Thanks all.

My curve and strong erection is definitely the main actors in this problem.
So far I have had the most succes with lots of lube, as irishjim says, and: Pumping when I am a little tired, so my erection is not so strong. But I would still prefer that there wasn’t this physical pressure on my penis - but it instead coud expand freely.

I was wondering if a mushroom-tube would fix the problem? Or any other solutions

Do any of the more experienced pumpers know if there is such a thing as a curved cylinder?


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