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How long does the pumped up effect last?

How long does the pumped up effect last?

Hi all,

I have never pumped and just started PEing recently, but I could not find the answer to this question anywhere;

How does long the pumped up effect of pumping on the penis last for?

By this I mean, once u have finished your session and then after say an hour or two u have sex, will the erection u get be as long and as thick as the one u get whilst pumping?

Any replies mch appreciated

Regards Rolo


When you pump regularly the pump is what you would say is cumulative. So the more time you spend pumping the bigger you get. But the trick is to try and make the pump permanent!

Some pumpers say that if done long enough, that gains can become permanent, some say other wise! I believe that if you combine the two, PE and pumping, there is a complimentary action between them.

Now is it pumping cementing the gains from PE, or is it the other way around, PE cementing the gains from pumping! This I don’t know.

Pumping has received allot of bad press, and I can tell you that most of it is abuse of equipment!



thanks for the reply.

So in answer to my question, u would say yes and that the shorter the time frame between the pumping session and sex the more chance there is that your penis will resemble the shape when pumping?

Would that be accurate?

Can u elaborate on what types of misuse there is from using pumps?

Thanks in advance

Regards Rolo

maybe I can help


I don’t thing you will be able to duplicate the same shape as when pumping. However a smaller version is reasonable to assume.

Major abuses as I see it are using too much vaccum and pumping for extended intervals.


If I have sex a couple hours after pumping, the erection is no larger than a normal one for me.

The “pumped” appearance for me is remaining much larger flaccid than I normally do. Any subsequent erections from that state just have less distance to go before I’m hard. Does that make sense?



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