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homemade cylinders?

homemade cylinders?

Is there any way I can make my own cylinder and use a mitytvac (sp?) pump. I have been PE’ing for about a month and I either want to get into hanging or pumping or both ;) . I found a way to make my own hanger and will be doing so in the very near future. But I was browsing the pumper’s forum and say that mityvac pump and decided to try it myself. I don’t want to spend alot of money on the commercial ones because I’m a college student in California and tuition just got upped. And BTW I did search and I found nothing, but I might just be searching for the wrong things. Any insight would be very helpful.

Here is a list of search results that should help.

Several of us have used aquarium gravel cleaners (less than $10). The above threads will give you some ideas how to make the base comfortable. The only problem with these tubes is there isn’t any selection of size. Mine is 1 7/8” inside diameter (2” outside).

You don’t really need a pump, though a vacuum gauge is important. I just suck on the hose, then bend it over and clamp it using a strong spring clamp. Works for me.

Bought 12”long x 2”ID acrylic pipe for $6 from plastic pipe supplier (walk in only, no shipping); heated end over burner on electric stove; used piece of half inch dowel stock to expand the end to a 45* by rotating it inside the end of pipe; while still hot, pressed it on tile floor to flatten making about a half inch wide flange. perfectly flat; plugged end with piece of t-ball bat and screwed/epoxied a quarter inch hose barb in wood plug; connected the cylinder to mity-vac with quarter inch clear plastic hose 24” long.

I’m pretty sure I can find a way to make those aquarium cylinders comfortable but I’m worried about if they can hold the vacuum good without any bending of the cylinder walls, I don’t want this thing to shatter on me and cut my member or anything. And to Bud_do can you provide a picture of your cylinder? the description is a bit hazy for me.

The aquarium things are tough. They don’t buckle. My base modification (ring of 2” schedule 40 pvc) helps strenghten the tube too, but it’s plenty stout without it.

I just bought a 1 ft long, 2 1/4” thick clear plastic cylinder from a plastics store for about $5! They said if I came in on Monday they could fold the end over for me so I could attach a hose to it. I’m hoping this won’t cost more than $10-20. So, for about $20 total hopefully, I’ll have a perfect penis pumping tube that would seem to me to be just as good quality as the glass ones you can buy from a pumping company (the only exception is the base which won’t be as comfortable).

The AQUA CULTURE tube I have is one of a “family” of sizes. I have the narrowest ID (appx 1.6” X 9”), and my local pet store can get them with up to a 2.5”ID.

They have pretty good rigidity up to size, but bot the same as a good heavy clear PVC, or commercial glass ones.

happy pumping

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I made one from a PET bottle (plastic bottle for Coke and the like).

Cut of the top, reinforced the rim with a strip of aluminium, put on some silicone on the sharp rim, and screwed in a small valve in the bottom.

Works like a charm.

Thanks alot guys! I just got my aquarium cleaner gonna pick up that mityvac any time soon. Can’t wait to start pumpin!


I built my pump from a clear plastic glass from walmart. $0.50 for the large plastic glass. I can pump whole package in it.

Just drill a hole at the top for your plastic line/barb fitting whatever…i just fitted the rubber hose adapter from the mityvac vac from autozone and jammed it into the whole i made without any glue or sealant and it works perfect. I waterpump with it…works great


Excellent idea bob! I’m gonna pick one of those up as well as one of those velcro wraps. GOOD STUFF

Damn, that’s a good idea bob_jones2. Is the glass you bought just a straight clear plastic glass with the same diameter everywhere?

It’s slightly taperd towards the bottom (where the head ends up) but no big deal.

Here are the dimensions of the glass:

3” diameter at bottom of cup (closed end)
3.6” diameter at top of cup
7.25” long

Good for a moderate pump, not extreme though not big enough.

I’ve also tried another container from walmart but the opening is too big by a long shot although it would be the perfect ball pumping tube. If i can figure out some way of reducing the inlet and making it more comfortable i will use it


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