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Getting a pump - sources in Brazil?


Hi again, so I live in Brazil, and I’m looking for a pump that can fit exactly to my measurements and that will be worth paying such
I have 8x5.1 inch and id like one that’s manual and that has a gauge so I can check the pressure.
Can people help me out?
**BTW** I’m looking strictly for girth gains.
(Can the moderators change this thread to the pump session?)

You can buy at, I’m living in Sao Paulo and I just bought one for R$399,00.

Is this so called “magnum pump” a good pump? Does someone here already had it? I’m still thinking about the hydropump one’s are the gain in girth pretty much the same between the hydro and air ones? Could someone give an insight of these 2 kinds of pump and tell something about that magnum pump?

Heres the link



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