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Gauge issues

Gauge issues

I use a pressure gauge (similar to this) that I bought at Autozone. The thing seems very fragile. I keep my pump stuff in a bag under my computer table and every once in a while I’ll pull out the gauge and it’s knocked out of sync, like the needle that should be over the zero is over the 5 hg mark. I usually just go ahead and pump, but do the math to know how much pressure I’m pumping at.

I have, however, opened up the gauge and gently twisted the coil inside so that the needle is back on the zero. I know that must screw up the accuracy a little each time I do it, but does any one else have similar issues with their gauge?

Ike, I got my gauge and pump at Autozone. (mityvac 7000) or something like that. I wonder if your gauge is faulty. Mine is stored under pretty similar conditions to yours. Almost exactly as a matter of fact. I even accidentally dropped mine and it seems to be ok. I wonder if you can take it back for an exchange. Or maybe they can calibrate it for you. Good luck

When I went to Autozone, I bought the Mityvac everyone raves about, and the guy gave me a weird look for wanting one. I played it cool, and when he brought it to me, I said, “Man! This looks like a Penis Pump!” About 5 customers gave me their attention while the employees started to laugh.

The gauge on it seems to be accurate for me everytime, even though I haven’t pounded it against anything.

Hey Guys:

You can get a quality vacuum guage from Http:// It’s the same guage that most of the pump people have on their quality single-handle pump—Steve


Since the point of the gauge is to accurately know what pressures you are using, I would replace that one pronto.

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