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First time poster needs your wisdom

First time poster needs your wisdom

Hello all,

I am new to PE and have been doing it for about 3 weeks. I have been fortunate enough to find this site early in my career. I have a few questions and comments to all of the veterans to this lifestyle and would greatly appreciate any knowledge that you can give me on the subject.

First off, I have kind of found a routine that I am comfortable with. I start with general warm ups. Then use a power jelq device for about 10 min. I then use a 1.75 inch tube that i have found at a good comfortable pump I can pack girth wise for about 5 min. I then switch to a 2 inch tube for about 5 min. This I cannot pack yet. I repeat those three exercises for about 3 cycles and end with a few manual jelqs and a cool down. I find that after I have a good heavy feeling and have made gains in both dimensions after the session. I have not seen anyone do their routine in quite this manner.

That being said how do you rate this routine, and how can I improve on it? Should I stay in the tube longer/shorter. Jelq more/less? And so on.

I am trying to gain in both dimensions, obviously, and would not be adverse to any exercises. I have already seen a better hang throughout the day and am excited to hear your comments.

I am also curious about the power jelq device that I purchased. It has handles and rollers and rolls up the penis mimicking a manual jelq. Has anyone used this device and is it as good as the manual way?

Thanks for your time,

If you are satisfied with the jelk workout you get from the Powerjelk device then it looks like you have a viable program. I’ve never tried one so I can’t help you on specifics there.

Welcome to the Pumper’s Forum. Keep us up on what’s happening for you.





Welcome! I started pumping only a few months ago. You came to the right place, this forum has veterans and experts who will help you (avocet8 is one of them, and is a leading contributor to this forum). My idea is that the pumping should not be done by itself; or at least it is more effective if you do some previous exercises or warm-ups (jelqing I think is the best one as a preparation) as you are doing.

One thing that you don’t mention, which is extremely important, is the pressure you apply to your pumping. Do you measure it? Does your pump have a gauge?

As for the powerjelq device, I’ve never seen one. Some members talk about it though. I don’t know, but I got the feeling that nothing can equal the “wise” touch of our own hands. But if it works for you, you will be fine.


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I purchased a PowerJelq after almost two years of experience jelqing with my hands. I tried the PowerJelq various times; however, I always struggled with maintaining the semi-erection needed to use it effectively and I was always concerned about the forces applies to the top and bottom of the penis. I decided that my time was better spent manual jelqing. I feel that I can jelq more effectively with my hands. The PowerJelq seems to appeal to newbies that haven’t yet developed their hand strength. However, if it works for you, by all means use it.

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