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Donut effect bad?


peforeal. Did the Boss just call us old shits? This coming from a man who played Leisure Suit Larry.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


I’m sure you and I were excluded from the OS list.


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The original, DOS, LSL.

Sigh. Them was the good ol’ days.

“Adventure” anyone?

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Thunder these OS dont’ scare me, although I fear for BG’s penis. That poor thing is going to either run away or fall of from pure exhaustion. I’d be terrified if he had posted saying I had to have 12 hour pumpathons to gain more girth.

Millionman, have you started pumping yet? You stated that you think your clamping “donut” is comparable to a pump donut :) I’m waiting to hear your “Oh my god! I never knew it could get THIS bad!” exclamation. Cheers.

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2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

This is a very old post so if anyone replies back I’ll be surprised but long story short I got the donut effect from pumping and I’m trying this duct tape method as I type this. Can you explain this extra skin trick you were talking about? I have some scar tissue around my head as well. I also would like to hear some routines that you did to have gains from the pumps and with jelqing and letting me know your results. I’m still a newbie on this site so please explain the lingo that you use if you use it.

My read, which could be in error, is that peforeal’s talking about taking the skin below the donut and pulling it over the glans and taping it, rather than actually taping the donut. If you have a tight circumcision, that might be harder to achieve. Note that he talks later about foreskin restoration, which would indicate that he has ample extra skin.

If you are a newbie to pumping as well the rest of the thread is useful.

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