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Do PornStars Pump?

I recently have been checking out the trailers on There are two guys there that are very big and could be pumpers. One, the thin hispanic-looking fellow (he might have some african american blood in him also) is positively huge, the other, a younger white guy, is a little smaller but pretty darn big. If you look closer though, color aside, their cocks look very similar — smallish glans, really girthy iin the middle, narrower at the base — very much like a look you’d get from combining pumping with a lot of erect squeezes.

I’m not a subscriber to the site, but maybe for some who is, there might be an email link where these guys might be contacted and asked if they pump or do PE.

Viagra is big, I am friends with a once-semi-big chick porn star and she said a lot of the guys have tried PE(after I showed her thunders and MOS) but the ones she knew didn’t seem to have success with it

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

I think viagra is big, cocaine is big, crank and crack is big.

You tell me those guys, especially in the 70’s movies were not snorting coke! Shit, I bet even one of them doesn’t have a fucking septum any longer. Also, what dude could fuck a woman for 45 minutes strait, especially women looking like that, and not blow is fucking wad the first 5 minutes.

It’s cocaine gentlemen and crank and crack and viagra. Don’t tell me they care to much about their bodies for that. Just read Jenna Jaimeson’s book and you tell me.

Now please understand that I have never snorted or shot up one time and I dont advize it either. But I have had plenty of friends that say when they toot up they can fuck their mate hard ‘till the girl cums 3-4-5-6 times. Just fuck, fuck, fuck. My wife only had one boyfriend before me and he tooted up. She said he used to fuck her brains out for indefinate amounts of time, ‘till she was so sore she didn’t want to fuck him anymore. She hated it. That’s cocaine my friends.

Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll………..


Well, I’m all for Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. But cocaine gives me a hardoff.

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No Nukes

From what I hear, crank makes you fuck for hours, even in the ass. However, I was also told you better get it in the hole quickly because if you get a limpy, no way will you get it back up. In a sense, you will be fucked!

This was told to me by a good friend that played bass guitar with my band for years. He used to pick the uglies girl out of the crowd and fuck her that night. You could put money on it. Walk in and pick out the fucking skankiest, most mutley gal in the place and he would be fucking her that night. He said he hated and even despised pretty women. he said they are all bitches. (My sentiments are not the same). He said the reason he liked the ugly ones is because they would always let him ass fuck them the first night.

To each his own, I guess.



Originally Posted by SiamGuy
It’s not even a question, they use all methods possible if they believe they are lacking. I’ve read many female porn star interviews that mention viagra. I’ve also read other interviews regarding pumping. I’ve also seen evidence of it at Monsters of Cock. As for having a hard on before getting into the scene it’s not that hard if you are turned on by the action, masturbate up to it, or have fluff girls around.

Yea I’ve seen monsters of cock. That one guy is hugeeee. He has one of those pearls or whatever their called under his shaft skin. I’m talking about the guy that barely speaks english. I think he’s one of those arab middle easterners thats been jelqing since he went through puberty. He has a fat long dick.

^^ What a Guy!

I have used amphetamine before, in the form of dexidrine, and while it does shrink the flaccid, and make it hard to get it up, when it is up it feels quite nice, and I could last longer I suppose. I would imagine aphetamine with cialis or viagra would make a great combo providing you don’t care about your heart.

BTW, I don’t use the stuff now (am still prescribed), I am too vein about my newfound big PE-induced flaccid!

Back when life was good, I used to be able to do the old lady for an hour, without the use of any substance

(Other than my dick) a lot of it is being able to control your flash points. One night I made her cum 21 times, I counted them, and she was a screamer as well. Now that she has turned psycho on me, I haven’t seen any pussy since 1/04, and can’t get the nut out of my house.

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Turned psycho???

What happened?


Oh, BTW,

How do YOU control your “flash points”. I have never heard them called this.


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I agree, they really fuck you up! But that sure does not seem to stop people from using it. California is FULL of crack and crank houses. Folks drive from San Francisco and San Jose area to the ares where I live to buy the shit! It really fucks people up bad but the do it and do it and do it. You ought to see what it does to their teeth!


I call the beginnings of the cum sensation a flash point, just came to mind. When you feel that urge just starting, stop pumping and put you mind on the news, weather, work etc. Once it subsides then you can resume the drilling effort. It does take practice and conditioning but you can train yourself not to cum quickly


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