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Coming out cold?

Coming out cold?

After a pumping session my penis would come out cold. Obviously, this is a bad sign but does anyone know what could be the cause?


What is your current routine?
What pressure do you use?
How long do you pump for?
Are you erect in the tube?
Do you move the cylinder at all when you pump or press it in tight?
Are you using lube all over your cock?

When I pump, I preheat the cylinder in the oven and then I wrap the cylinder with a heat pad while I pump, so I always stay nice and warm.

I always come out very, very warm, and very red. Off hand, sounds like you’re losing circulation completely. (In contrast, I get cold and purple from clamping, which is much more severe than pumping, IMO.) I suspect that solution lies in your answers to gprent’s questions.

I also preheat and wrap with a heating pad, then drop the pressure very low and jelq every 5 min.

Hey Hydroxpl:

Yea, poor circulation—drop the Hg a bit. Sounds like the vaccum is pulling/or cutting off the circulation on the groin aretery that feeds the penis. These come really close to the surface. (See Gray’s anatomy) Another thing to do and be careful is to add a little Tiger Balm to your lube. This stuff gets blistering hot if you use too much. If you do use too much you won’t blister but keep the hand lotion available. Like Gprent suggested to warm the tube. I use hot water in the sign. I’d forget the oven and melt the tube. Anyway lower the vacuum for a while. How long have you been pumping? Another thing to do is to kegel really stong and often to force more blood to the penis Steve

you can also be pumping too long. After awhile release the vacuum and create another vacuum

try releasing the vacuum every 15 minutes or so

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

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That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

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