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Buying new tube

Hi everybody!

I begun pumping 3 years ago. I was 5.5 long and 5 inch base girth.
Now with my 2*9 inch Kaplan I am 6 inch*6 inch base girth. I’m 1 inch to pack this tube.

I need advice to buy new tube because my goal is only lenght so must I buy a 2*12 inch long tube.

Thank you everyone!

Blairo - Nice to hear of your achievement through pumping. I’ve recently added pumping to my routine. I have a cylinder that’s 8” x 1.75”. I pack the width (after 5 minutes or so of pumping) but I have a ways to go length-wise (which is my primary goal). Secondary goal is girth.

I pump about 4 days per week for 30 minutes each time. Pressure is between 3 to 5 hg.

Although this thread isn’t targeted to describing routines, can you briefly summarize how you’ve been pumping for the past 3 years? How many times per week, how long is each session? What pressure? Have you been consistently pumping the entire 3 years? Do you use heat?

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Blairo - forgot to answer your question. I purchased my pump from L A Pump. Good quality although pricey.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")


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