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Bathmate with extender and xleeve

Bathmate with extender and xleeve

I’ve been using my bathmate in the mornings for 10 minutes then an extender with the xleeve and a stealth cap from the autoextender site. I’m currently using just enough xleeve to cover the area from just beneath the glans up to and over the stealth cap. I can go from breakfast to lunch with just short breaks for the bathroom like this, then leave it off for lunch, put it back on after lunch and leave it on until dinner. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s comfortable like this. I have been wondering though if it might be better to use a full length xleeve, from the base all the way over the stealth cap.

I’m not sure if the purpose of the extender is to stretch all of the skin from the base to the glans or if it’s to pull the ligaments. I’m thinking if it’s to pull the ligaments it might be better to use a full length xleeve. I’m noticing a bit of loose skin now that I didn’t have before starting the bathmate/extender routine however I am also moving slowly up the bathmate length markings as well so I feel I’m making progress. Maybe loose skin is just part of the process.

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For those interested in this combination I believe I am seeing some real progress. I’ve backed off the pressure when using the bathmate, pulling it off every few minutes in the shower and massaging the redness out of my shaft, I will go through three or four iterations of this for a total of maybe 10 or 12 minutes of use with just enough pressure for the BM to stay on without air bubbles slipping in. I use a shoestring with a couple of slip knots in it, one around my neck (weird I know but it works great) and one around the tip of the BM, this keeps me from having to really pump up the pressure to what I think is too high of a level to keep the BM attached. Before using my home made strap to hold on the BM I used to let it hang by pressure alone. I would always have red skin on my shaft, kind of embarrassing if playing around with my girl unless in the dark. Also I think it was too much pressure and over training my penis keeping my progress down.

So after my BM sessions I put on the stealth cap with a cut down xleeve and have decided to cut the sleeve short enough to just cover the glans and maybe an inch down the shaft. I then put on the size genetics extender and can go more or less all day like this with maybe 3 or 4 breaks for the bathroom and one long break for lunch. I’m probably totaling 8 or more hours per day with the SG extender.

I usually cap the night off with another BM session and a short 30 minutes or so with the SG extender just to keep from turtling after the BM session. I skip this though if my girl comes over as I try to time it where I’m only a few minutes out of the BM before she walks in the door. This definitely makes me super thick (by my standards), she has even commented before when it takes time for me to get all the way inside.

I started out at around 5” by 5” and am up to probably 5.75” by 5.5” (BPEL by Girth at Base). I’m probably 6 months into PE but only a month into this routine. Prior to this routine I was just using the BM and manual stretching though nothing major. I did see some progress but nothing like this combo seems to be doing for me.

I still have a long way to go but I’m hoping this schedule will keep my progress moving forward. Oh and BTW I’ve changed from slim fit jeans to baggier jeans and keep my wallet or my keys in my front pocket to hide the SG extender. This keeps the extender from being too obvious. I work in IT so I’m pretty much at a desk all day, just getting up to use the bath room or go to the break room.

Sounds like what you are doing is working. How often are you measuring? No need to measure all that often; just enough to see if you’re continuing to make progress with the routine you’re doing now.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’m actually thinking of taking off the markings on the BM just because I tend to overdo the pressure trying to hit a mark. I try to measure as little as possible and am learning to focus on how I feel. All that to say maybe once a month I will bust out a ruler and a string.

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