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Bathmate: orientation makes a difference?

Bathmate: orientation makes a difference?

I had been pumping for years and recently switched to Bathmate using a moderate routine (15min/day, 3-4 days/week) sitting down and holding the tube with my hands. I seldom develop any donut afterward.

Last week or so, I decided to make a shoulder strap which cost me less than $3. As I tested it, I did a session standing up while taking a shower. After the session, there was a significant donut developed. I tested two more sessions with cold water and found though lessen, donut still occur.

Since I did the sessions in exactly the same manner and the only difference is orientation: Bathmate pointing up while sitting vs. pointing forward while standing, it suggested the shoulder strap did more than holding it for your in shower. It actually allow the tube to be in a position with optimal suction.

Ideas anyone?

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I will take a guess that perhaps you used more pressure while standing to help hold the bathmate in place. When sitting you don’t have the same sensation of having to hold it in place so you might use less pressure.

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Tube angle makes a difference with any pump.

Angled down always leads to more fluid build up in my experience whether sitting or standing, guess it’s just gravity vs circulation.

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