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Any water pumpers gone back to air ?

Any water pumpers gone back to air ?

So I’m interested to know if anyone has water pumped either with a regular tube or the Bathmate and have ended up air pumping instead.

Any reasons you prefer air ?
Less hassle, better results, is one more comfortable for longer sessions ?

Any opinions either way ?

I do both depending. I think water is somewhat better but air is less of a hassle for me.

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Originally Posted by northmiamitop
I do both depending. I think water is somewhat better but air is less of a hassle for me.


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Originally Posted by northmiamitop
I do both depending. I think water is somewhat better but air is less of a hassle for me.

Same here. I get less of a doughnut with water.

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Yep, I like the effects of water more, but it is more of a hassle for me, so I just air pump most of the time. Note, I have a Bathmate and regular air pump. I do not find the Bathmate very easy to use (among other reasons, I find it difficult to maintain an erection while I try to get the thing on, and it is not comfortable if I am not near-full erect. So, I just use my mouth to create the vacuum on the air pump and suck out excess water. It is still a pain, so I mostly air pump.

Lately I’m doing mostly air. I like water pumping in the hot tub, but most early morning s (preferred pumping time), I don’t make the small amount of extra time for the hot tub.

So it sounds like folks don’t water pump more because of the extra hassle.

If it was just as easy would you prefer water pumping ?

I find with water I never get any fluid build up even doing up to an hour and no red spots either.

I’m really interested to know if anyone thinks the results long term are better with air ?

Considering how popular the Bathmate is I don’t see many guys claiming much gain from it.

When I was doing both, iI felt that after 20 minutes or more my water pumped erection seemed slightly more spongy than my air pumped erection. I haven’t water pumped in over a year because of the extra hassle. I do a lot of pumping in bed.

Interesting about your observation on Bathmate users lack of claims of growth. It would be helpful if some Bathmate users could chime in.

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Yep, if the hassle was equal, I would do water pumping. I can not say anything regarding a growth comparison, but my EQ seems to be decently stronger when I water pump. Just feels healthier. Air pumping improves my EQ but not as much.

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I had no luck with the Bathmate - the normal model was way to small and the big model was excessively large and heavy. I’d consider the X40 but another 150/200 bucks! I don’t know..

I went back to my wide body elliptical tube - much better.

I have never used air pump however I find water pumps a waste of money unless one uses it in Summer.

But in a control environment I prefer air over water anyway

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I have both BM and air pumping.. I have mostly pumped with air and gained from it. But I get more expansion from waterpumping but have not sticked to it for an long period..

Air pumping is better when you have full control of pressure that you not have with BM allways.

Waterpumping is nice because of the warm water and it’s easy to just do your session in the shower or bath..

I like both air and water pumping..

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