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Advise on decent first pump to buy?

Why? The pump will be shipped from the uk and so will the hose.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Have a look Thickwall cylinder + pump from amazon
The thickwall cylinder is excellent, but you could buy a solid metal pump and a hose somewhere else.

So did you purchase a pump from Amazon? Is the main reason for purchasing the pump separately based on price? Or because the pumps from Amazon are of better quality?

It’s a quality issue. The pumps that come with thickwall cylinders are cheap and nasty and won’t do water pumping. Thickwall cylinders themselves are good quality but prone to slight loss of transparency over time.

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Yes I did, the cheapest one (but red and black, made of metal, not the purple plastic ones). It’s a solid metal pump for the same price, and I can also waterpump (which I always do now).

Thanks guys, I’ll look into buying the pump separately. Sounds like that may be the better way to go.

Size matters plastic pump is absolute rubbish, mine broke within a few weeks (and yes I am cautious and wasn’t throwing it around the place). I also got a harbor freight-type pump and it was good, but last year I invested in a leluv Maxi pump and cylinder and it was such a great purchase. Very cheap (for decent pump set-ups) and have not came into any problems with it since. I have heard thickwall, vacutech, and LA pumps are good too. So just look around for what is best for you. Never ever buy a cheap plastic pump though, in my opinion.

Though I have a quality pump system with Harbor Freight pump for most of my pumping, I also use an inexpensive ball pump for occasional water pumping and whole package pumping.

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Are there cylinders that water and air compatible?

Pretty much any normal cylinder is capable of dealing with water and air. The pump is the problem. Pumps designed for air don’t take well to water.

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Are there cylinders that are water and air compatible? I know there are, but even if a cylinder isn’t “waterproof” can you still use it for water pumping? The leluv looked good to try out for a first pump but it isn’t waterproof. I have been doing a sort of “pumping” on my own using my own device (Pranayama Breathing with Stretches & Probably shouldn’t be doing this).

Since the freight harbor brake bleeder kit is waterproof, it seems like a nice thing to just have and experiment with since it is a good price.

Also, I am very interested in whole-package pumping, but would only do it with water. Those leluv cylinders would probably do well for full-package pumping, yet again, not waterproof.

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I use the leluv maxi to water-pump with. I got the 12” cylinder, so there is ample room at the top so that water does not get into the pump. Just follow the water pumping instructions in the other thread and you should be fine.

I’m looking for my first pump as well and this thread has been very helpful. Thanks guys!

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Ok guys so have so I’m ready to purchase a pump and cylinder.

I want to go for a cylinder from thick wall, the £3.99 pump connector, and a hand held brake bleeder from Amazon for £14.

Is there anything else I would need to start pumping?


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