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3 year anniversary update


Hey Avocet,

As you know, I’m fairly new to all this stuff too. I am very pleased with the level of knowlege and the willingness to help each other out in our goals.

If I may, what vasodialtors do you take?



Usually Cialis, occasionally Viagra. I sometimes use Trimix, an injectible, but I don’t technically need it.



Avocet, I appreciate the info you have given on pumping and your personal experience. Reading
your posts is what inspired me to start up to reach my first goal of 8x6, perhaps a little longer
by jelqing. I hope I’m as “potent” as you are when I get to be 60. I also take Cialis, every
3 days, and also ZMA and L-Arginine + L-Ornithine at night. I’m just starting with a 10x2
gravel tube, hoping to get comparable results to yours.

Thanks again for helping the rest of us by sharing your experiences!


Stay with your program and be patient. Odds are you will get to where you want to be.

There are a couple of good threads on L-a and L-o in the Supplements Forum and also I think in the Mens’ Sexual Health Forum. I’ve been supplementing with L-a for about two years. It promotes very strong nocturnal erections and has increased ejaculate volume. From a practical point of view this is good because the more volume you have to expell the longer the orgasm lasts. At least that’s so for me.




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