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Why does base girth increase with hanging

Why does base girth increase with hanging

I am gaining base girth via my hanging routine, but I wonder WHY? One part of my gains is the “new” additional skin being pulled up the shaft during erection. This skin is not only hairy, it also has a slight layer of fat under it, much like the fat you see in the skin of a chicken before it is fried. This is no small thing—I’ll bet it accounts for3/8” in girth! I guess it is tied in to the area of the fat pad—and I have a good inch of fatpad. But outside the new skin, I wonder what is the physical process that gives more base girth. Would it be some kind of expansion via the suspensatory web of ligaments?

Ligs on the pubic bone are spread out in every direction. When you stretch those out, they are still spread like an umbrella. That is what gave you the funnel affect. I’ll try to do my best with this analogy. Think of a spider web. If you grab the center of it and pull it towards you, what is wider? The part you’re holding, or the base?

Good metaphor xl, I like that explanation.

Also the corpora are naturally wider in the inner penis. From Gray’s:

The Corpora Cavernosa Penis form the greater part of the substance of the penis. For their anterior three-fourths they lie in intimate apposition with one another, but behind they diverge in the form of two tapering processes, known as the crura, which are firmly connected to the rami of the pubic arch. Traced from behind forward, each crus begins by a blunt-pointed process in front of the tuberosity of the ischium. Just before it meets its fellow it presents a slight enlargement, named by Kobelt the bulb of the corpus cavernosum penis. Beyond this point the crus undergoes a constriction and merges into the corpus cavernosum proper, which retains a uniform diameter to its anterior end.

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Geez, then there’s something wrong with my inner penis—the shaft of my inner penis is smaller by a good bit than the shaft just past the lig connection. Anybody know any good inner penis exercises?

The inter penis is larger and what you are seeing is it moving out at the base.

Has anyone noticed they lost girth in the shaft with hanging. I gained it at the base but lost some in the middle and behind the glands.

Maybe with the shaft being stretched out it gets smaller.

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