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Who actually gained from ots/so/ hanging?


Originally Posted by anon771
This man started hanging just at the right moment. Right after the period than the newbie gains have set in.


He is in his sixtie’s so most likely he got a lot of his lost erection length back.


Maybe Cclark, you don’t have erections while you sleep as you say. But it only has to happen once and you will have a piece of black dead meat hanging.
You know… like a piece of burned wood. You can scratch it and you will get all this little black piece’s of dead dick under your nails.

Maybe you can where a clamp under the rings also?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I’m guessing I shouldn’t try to wear an ADS all night.

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Good Lord! What has been going on in this thread. New guys hanging 25lbs off their dick and wearing an ADS at night. I thought this was well known as ridiculously stupid. I think a big warning needs to be put on the hanging thread people are going to far. Most of the vets seem to not be posting anymore, so something needs to be done before something bad happens.

But if you insist on hanging 25lbs and wearing an ADS at night maybe you could get a penis transplant after you’re accident, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


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