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While hanging, darkness but no coldness?

While hanging, darkness but no coldness?

Is this OK? Toward the end of my hanging sets, my head is purplish in color, but barely feels cold at all. And I’ve had no side effects in doing this routine:

20 min. - 10 lb.
15 min. - 11 lb.
10 min. - 12 lb.

Of course I warm up somehow (hot shower, bath, or heating pad) and rest about 5 to 7 minutes in between sets. At the end I make sure I get a good stiffie to make sure blood flow is still good. I’m just curious if anyone knows of a long-term side effect I may get that is not noticeable immediately.


In the long run discoloration is below numbness/coldness on the list of hanging problems. I know a lot of guys on the boards have trouble keeping a pink head during a set (myself included). Just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, ease up. Also, take a peek at the “wrapping to remove discoloration” thread in the “most important hanging threads” at the top of this forum. Cheers.

What I have experienced in the past is when the hanger didn’t have a good support on the shoulders of the glans or I started with an engorged glans, the pressure in my glans would build up and my glans would get slightly darker but not cold. When I started to tighten more to get a good support on the shoulders of the glans my glans sometimes turned cold. I haven’t had these problems in a long time, however I do think it either gets discolored from too much pressure in your glans or it gets cold from cutting of bloodflow.

I’ve hung with discoloration in the beginning for quite some time and never had any side effects from it but I do think you should try to avoid it. I could be wrong but I think you either start with an engorged glans or don’t tighten enough.

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