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Which ligament is the limiter?

Which ligament is the limiter?

I posted some time ago that I felt like hanging SO created the best fatigue even though my LOT is 9. After a few months of hanging mainly BTC, I’ve noticed that there is some additional “space” between the base of my penis and my pelvis when I push my penis down while erect. Another way to paint this picture would be to say that I can now almost wrap my fingers around the ligament that attaches from my pubic bone to my penis.

Now here’s the problem…. With a visible lengthening of the ligament(I think it’s the suspensory lig?) I have seen no gains in FSL or BPEL. Here’s why I think this is and I’m looking for insights from the group. Underneath what I’m calling the suspensory ligament is another ligament (or two) that feels flat and about a centimeter wide. This is what I THINK needs to be stretched for me to see gains. This is also the lig that feels most fatigued when stretching SO. It feels like its really pulling on the left and right sides.

So, am I correct in my train of thought here?

What’s the best way to target these “other ligs”?



I too have what may be ligaments on the LHR and RHS side really being put under tension when Hanging in SO position.

I can finger them all the way done towards what must be my attachement points. I have looked at penis diagrams and I believe they are lig bundles on each side.


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