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What's going on here?

What's going on here?

This relates to a thread between Bib and Groa last fall concerning lower abdominal fascia and stuff.

To hang BTC, I lie down on the dining table and put my heels up on the back of one of the chairs. I can get ‘way BTC like this.

The weight tends to rotate my pelvis, due to the ligaments’ being attached to the pubic bone, I thought, but the weight also pulls the ab muscles.

Ok, no brainer, the ligaments rotate the pelvis which stretches the abs.

Not quite, it seems. I can eliminate the pelvic rotation by flattening my back against the table and I can still contract my lower abs and pull up the penis, weight and all with no motion of the pelvis. What’s going on? Do some of the ligaments attach to the fascia as Groa mentioned, and some of the abs also attach to the fascia?

I don’t want to stretch the lower abs, and I keep them contracted while I’m stretching. This doesn’t minimize the stretch on the ligaments, does it? Is there a position that isolates the ligaments and concentrates all the pull from the weight on them?

Anybody know a URL for penile anatomy? I have a Gray’s, but it doesn’t seem to show this stuff.


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