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what wieght to use/max wieght

what wieght to use/max wieght

I just did my first night of hanging with a Captn’s Wench. I started with 5 lbs. but tried 10 and I could handle it. I plan on using 10 lbs for a while then moving to 15 lbs. My question is, should I move up after 15 lbs or is 15 the max. Does anyone hang with more than 15 lbs?


Holy crap, it took me a couple weeks to hit 10 lbs. Though I guess it was the tight skin that needed stretching. My skin burned like hell when I started hanging, but it stretched out and got used to it.

I remembered reading somewhere that some people start with the skin for hanging, and others have to work up to it.

My ligs stretched so quickly that my skin could barely keep up, and now has some pretty good strecth marks on it.

10lbs so soon is pretty good. I am having a little bit of difficulty with 12lbs, but I hope to be up to 15lbs by the end of the month.

I just started last night as well, also using the Capt’s Wench.

I did 2 1/2 lbs BTC. The first set wasn’t to bad, but second set was pretty harsh(2 sets of 20 mins each). The way I did BTC is laying on my bed with feet on the floor with weight hanging between legs, while I watched tv.

I had a little trouble with skin acage last nite, but what ended up hurting the most was when I put the hanger on the second time I caught some hair up in it(ouch). Today I’m slighly sore at the base of my penis, and seems if I did hit the ligs some(can feel kind of a soreness beyond skin deep, is best way to put it).

BTW, don’t see how you did that much. Gonna stick with the 2 1/2 lbs for a week or so and see how it goes.


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