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Well, I'm finally giving it an honest try

Well, I'm finally giving it an honest try

I feel like such a newbie :D

Been working more with the hanger this week, currently hanging 3-5 lbs with the Bib starter. I love this device! I hung over 2 years ago with the swimcap for a few weeks, but that didn’t really work out and this is the first honest attempt since then.

When I sit straight up or stand. I feel the stretch in the ligs and it feels great. If I go BTC or try to elevate a leg, it’s very painful because the skin at the base is limiting me from getting the lig stretch I want. I guess I’ll have to keep at this for a few weeks for my skin to adjust so I can move up in weight. I assume this is pretty common for guys like me that don’t have a lot of excess foreskin.


YUP - I have the same problem - but that’s OK, since I am also trying to restore my foreskin as nearly as possible anyway… Making decent progress so far…


You might want to try

I don’t know if it’s old technique news around here or not, but a double wrap (cloth and latex) that allowed me to go way heavier than I’d been comfortable with before.

Every time I get that skin pull at the base, it means I just haven’t got the hanger on right. With the double wrap, I can readjust as much as I want. I can’t articulate exactly what’s different, but it just works. You might want to try it; I’ve got pix and scanty instructions on my site now.

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