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Universal Gym for hanging?

Universal Gym for hanging?

Hi guys,

I’m still a newbie, but I’m thinking about long-term ideas for PE. I also tried searching for this topic, but didn’t have any luck finding information regarding universal gyms and PE. I bought a universal gym last year in the dollar want ads for $75. I’ve only been PE’ing since December 1, 2006 and have experimented, lightly, with golf weights. I’m in no rush to jump from my newbie regimen into something I’m not ready for, but I always try to think ahead and outside of the box. There’s a reason why we do the newbie routines. I honestly believe advanced techniques are for those who have stopped gaining from basic stretches and jelqs. Compared to weight lifting, PE seems similar in regard to progressive resistance based on the “overload principle”. In theory, free weights tend to produce better results in mass for some people, but that’s all relative to using proper technique. Muscles respond the same way to universal gyms as they do with free weights.

To gain mass lifting weights, we need to fatigue our muscles. To gain length in PE, it seems we do the same thing, especially from what I’ve read in the hanging forum on how members increase the weight they use to continue gains. I’ll know when I’ll be ready for advanced techniques when the newbie gains stop.

That leads me to this question. Has anyone tried using a universal gym instead of free weights? In theory, this would work and one could improvise on workouts by changing angles. For example, while doing “curls”, one could stand sideways and stretch to the right or left. On a triceps push down, the resistance would pull your penis upward for a stretch. Is this a viable idea?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!


I doubt the weights can be set in small enough increments to be useful for PE. Also, the bearings on the Universal Gym often stick, especially at PE-relevant weights. The Universal Gym would not be my first choice.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I have a high/low pulley machine in my garage and I have used it for PE. Weight is weight.

Sitting at the lat pull station and hooking up to the cable to pull straight up is an exercise hard to duplicate with out this type of machine.

To make small adjustments in weight, a chain with a 2.5 or 5 pound plate can be hung on the weight slider, if the stack plates are only in 15 lb increments.

Horny Bastard

If you look in the hangers forum you will find guys that have strung cables and weights over their office desk or from a pulley hanging from the ceiling above their bed. Like mravg said, weight is weight.

The most important thing about hanging is getting the attachment to your penis right, as in both safe and comfortable. I’m not a hanger, but I would think something like the Captn’s Wench would be perfect.

yeah, I was thinking about an pe cafe.

We could internet there and drink a beer together and play some cards.

You can also sit at the bar. At the desk there are pulleys, so you can drop the weight there.

There are also pulleys on the ceiling for ots hanging.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I’m more in to powerlifting and olympic lifting myself. Low rep, high weight penis deadlifts and dynamic penis swings. Make sure you chalk that baby up real good.


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