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Uli Arbor for BH

Uli Arbor for BH

Instead of wapping the base before a BH Uli (heheh…a Bhuli) like I usually do, I had a thought while “clamped”. Why not just make a small arbor that fits inside the BH and around the penile base. Easier than a Uli thing and also allows the convienience of the BH’s screw-down tightening system. I have a slight problem with “cavernosal wobble” due to the shape of the penis and the shape of the BH/intended purpose of when using for uli’s. I’m thinking along he lines of a shape roughly fitting the inner angles of the BH (outside) and the CC (inside). If te BH is adjusted to the widest point, this may allow more of the shaft to be engorged. In my observation, it only takes a slight pressure in the right areas to stave off out-flow of blood. In using the BH for this purpose, it struck me that one can engorge most of the CS with very little pressure and at times it seems like pressure on the sides (CC) is really what accounts for most of the restriction, hence the thought of an “open bottom” arbor or at least one with an adaquate CS channel. If this works, it produces a very benigh looking piece of paraphenalia as opposed to a Uli thing, all of which fits into one small device. Anyone ever experiment with this idea? Any notions as to what material? EVA foam? Welcome any ideas or speculations, as I haven’t tried it yet. Simply a thought that stumbled through my upper head during a session. groa


You mean this modification would take the place of wrapping?


Depends on what you mean...

In using the BH for uli’s, yes. Not for general wraps or future hanging. Not really sure if the idea will pan-out to well, looks like there is only so much usable space within the jaws. Was trying to avoid a uli thing project, but a few simplifications have crossed my mind, so I’ll likely be going in that direction. Only problem I had with the wrap in the BH was some wobble when fully engorged. The contours allow me to PC flex more blood into penis while clamp restrcts outflow…a situation I don’t achieve with OK types grips, be them with hand or encircling device. I think a contour type device would allow for great pressure and engorgement while still restricting outflow quite well. This will definately take some experimentation on my part and it may be worthless in the end. Then again, maybe not. groa


Believe me, I know where you are coming from in design modifications and problems.

The hanger was designed to allow for blood circulation. Of course with Ulis, you want to cut off return blood in the ‘outer’ return veins which is fairly easy, and sometimes even any backflow in the inner chambers.

The way I always did it was with a fairly tight wrap, that when the engorement began, would become much tighter. Then, the hanger would provide more tension on the wrap as it was tightened, as well as pressure in the chambers. If the wrap was the correct tension, all blood flow could be cut off.

Of course, if the wrap is too tight, it is hard to get the engorgement.

So, I guess what you want is something that provides pressure to an already erect or almost erect penis, that immediately cuts off the return flow. Then with a little more pressure, cuts off the backflow.

It would have to be something that effectively plugged the grooves, and was solid, not a cushion.

My head hurts.


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