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Trying to get started

I like bib’s homemade hanger but I don’t understand the part where he tells you to cut it and make sure theres some overlapping or whatever. So far I like the captain wrench, and CCHO3. Captain Wrench seems the easiest I think though.

Actually, I think I understand it a little better, only thing thats a little hard for me now is the U shape cut. Going to go to Home Depot and shop around later. Hopefully get cracking on some hanger.

Supreme, I would go with the Wench over the original bib. Pressure all the way around is not a good thing. The wench does a good job of avoiding this by way of the grippers that grip the sides of your dick rather than the top and bottom.

>The wench does a good job of avoiding this by way of the grippers that grip the sides of your dick rather than the top and bottom.<

Careful how you make this though, there have been a couple of recent numbness cases that look like they’ve come from Wenches that were constructed with alternate parts or badly. Any hanger is probably capable of causing numbness if its not attached with care.

The main thing is to avoid pressure on the top of the shaft generally but more spefically on the top, right behind the glans (where the average hanger will come to a resting point).

Very good point mem, even more to the case I was trying to make. Supremeone, don’t let whatever hanger you use touch your glans or top of your dick if at all possible.

Afterall, it’s not wenches that cause numbness, it’s improper construction and use that cause numbness.

The numbness thing seems to be coming up a lot recently. Hmm.

Any hypothesis on the cause mem?

Nope (other than people not catching problems with their hanging early on), but lets see whether we can scrape up a few opinions here.

Nice. That should help identify some problem areas in certain designs hopefully.

I’m rather hoping that people will add their experience so its not that useless. It would be nice to know that hanger X has Y users but only a small percentage get numbness and its all easily explainable.

That poll should certainly provide the results for that correlation. Just have to make sure enough hangers vote.

Maybe Tube can graph it into a parabola for us. :p

Ok, I’m trying to figure out how to get the supplies for the Captain Wench. I spent some time at Home Depot but had a little trouble (it’s a hell of a big Store!) I found the industrial strength velcro tape thats 4ft long or whatever. I don’t know where to get the nylon strap or the cable clamps. I also couldn’t find the grippers, only magic sliders that come in like .5” x 3” rectangles or 3” diameter circles. They also had felt pads that were rectangular shaped. Any ideas? I might have looked in the wrong section, I was looking in electrical section for the cable clamps.


The nylon strap will probably be near the chain isle. I bought a nylon strap for a pickup truck and cut pieces off it. The strap I bought was 12 feet long X 1” wide, and it’s blue. Ask someone if you still can’t find it.

Cable Clamps are either in a small bin around the store, or you’ll need to go to Wal-Mart. They have them in their electrical section by the extension cords.

If you can’t find the pre-sized 2”X1” grippers, then buy the package with one big gripper and cut the 2” X 1” strips off of it.

If you still can’t find them, check the thread Memento gave you for some other ideas. Although, you should be able to find the grippers in Home Depot, or Lowes if there is one near you.

Felt pads are bad? Well, I’ll keep looking.


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