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To whom should I listen?

To whom should I listen?

It’s already my 8th week in hanging.
I hang for about 2 to 3 hours a day with low weight. So around 7 to 11 lbs. That means I start with 12 lbs btc, then 9 lbs so and manually ovs.
the more session I have accomplished the less weight I use. So at the end, or for my last session, I use only 7 lbs btc, ovs and so.
Fatigueness: Good question: It is there but also quickly gone. I only hang in the evening when I come home from work. The next morning it is already very difficult for me to find or feel anything sore in the dick or in the area around the pubic bone. Is this a good sign? Or should I go up in weight?
Problem: I dont want to go up in weight as I have chosen the more-time-less-weight-way.
So to whom should I listen? To the devil on my right shoulder whispering all the time “More weight, use more weight!”. Or to the devil on my left shoulder whispering “More time, invest more time!”

Discouraging: my flaccid size in the evening when I resume my daily hanging routine. Looks really shrinked. Or is this just a usual muscle or ligament retraction reaction??
Strange: When I started hanging again, so 8 weeks ago, my dick looked completely different in the evening. Ok, “completely different” means, clearly longer in flaccid size.

Something else: I think that in the Hangers’ Forum everything has been said as new threads do not appear very often any more. Two years ago, when sb. started a thread in the morning, in the evening, when there has been no early answer, the thread has already moved to page 2.-
Was just something which I got in mind.


First, I recommend sticking with one primary position. By spreading your session over BTC, SO and OTS you’re not focusing the stress. See this thread.

The traditional approach:

If 12 lbs. is your max, hang it for a few sets. When it begins to feel uncomfortably heavy, reduce the weight, maybe to 9-10 lbs. Continue hanging the same position and reducing the weight as needed. Bib’s recommendation is to hang until you’re down to half of your max weight. So, end your session (or switch to a similar but different position) when 6 lbs. is feeling heavy.

There are other approaches too. Instead of starting with 12 lbs. and decreasing to 6 as fatigue builds, choose an intermediate weight and use it for most sets. So, instead of something like:

sets 1 and 2: 12 lbs.
sets 3 to 5: 10 lbs.
sets 6 and 7: 8 lbs.
sets 8 and 9: 6 lbs.

you could hang 9-10 lbs. for most sets, maybe reducing to 7-8 for the last few. One possible advantage to this second approach is the max poundage used isn’t as high, which may delay strengthening.

Either way, the goal is to attain a moderate degree of fatigue and then spend some time hanging in that state. But, you don’t want to overdo it, which is why Bib gave the 1/2 max weight guideline as a cut-off point.

Some guys don’t feel much fatigue in the time they have available to hang. At 2-3 hours per day, you likely will as long as you focus on one position.

Discouraging: my flaccid size in the evening when I resume my daily hanging routine. Looks really shrinked. Or is this just a usual muscle or ligament retraction reaction??
Strange: When I started hanging again, so 8 weeks ago, my dick looked completely different in the evening. Ok, “completely different” means, clearly longer in flaccid size.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. Is it that your dick shrinks during the day but hangs longer after a hanging session?

Posting activity in the hanging forum waxes and wanes. You’re right that a lot has already been covered. Searching past posts, or just reading through the forum from the beginning, turns up a wealth of info. IMO, our hanging forum is the best hanging resource available anywhere.

While the basics of wrapping, attaching, weight progression, etc. are pretty well covered, there are always other aspects to explore. Some off the top of my head: new hanger designs, new wrapping materials/methods, effects of different hanging schedules (frequency vs. time, load vs. time), whether and how often we should take strategic breaks - and how long they should be, heat and heating methods, efficacy of prefatiguing by isolation hanging, physiology of hanging (of which we know very little), etc. A lot has been covered, but we still have a long way to go.

I have recently started a routine of low weight hanging (5-6lbs) and got some good feedback(have yet to see results). Here are a few things I was advised.

Heat- constant heat while hanging seems to be something recommended by a lot of people. It will help prevent injury and make the ligs more pliable.

Angles- what I’ve got from this is stick to one angle till you don’t see any more results and then instead of changing weights change angles. Once you have exhausted all your gains from all the different angles then add weight and repeat the entire process.

Weight- Less is more. I haven’t been able to find the thread but was told by Monty that Bib saw most of his gains at very low weights 5-7lbs and then only after exhausting those gains did he move up.

ADS- are you doing any sort of ADS? the more I read about it and now that I am doing it with PE weights it feels like it is working.

Migg, listen to Hobby. He gives good advice. My opinion on weight: heavier weights are good only if you are consistent and frequent with the sets. Otherwise, you will run the risk of merely strengthening your penis.

Stubbs, Bib has reported most of his gains came from 17-20 lbs.

Heat is good, and important. Use heat for at least the first half of your set. I use it constantly, except for my very last set.

Your “angles” approach seems reasonable — good.

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Thanks for all your replies.

Shrinkage of the dick:
What I mean here is that my dick, in the flaccid status, seems, and probably is, small to me the next day in the morning/afternoon.
In the evening, I resume hanging.

Do you think that it is normal when you do not have any sore feeling in the morning? I mean, is it a good or bad sign - bad in terms that I use to low weights - that the soreness vanishes so quickly?

Soreness when I hang
Yes, there is a moderate soreness that I feel when I hang. It is not so present during the first sesssion. But becomes more intense from session to session that follows.

So you advise focussing more on one angle than covering all? Will give it a try.

I am using IR lamp while hanging.

My lot is very low. Around 7 or so. Nevertheless, I can become sore when I hang BTC. Do you think it is worth going on a bit with BTC?

Heavy weights: I fear the same. If I go up in weight too quickly - like I have done in the past - my penis will adapt also very quickly. this would mean even more weights.


I try to hang for 3 days and take 1 off. I will feel soreness on the 2nd and 3rd days when I apply stress — the weight, or pulling hard to warm-up. I don’t feel any soreness when I’m just sitting around.

Until I reached 15 lbs., the soreness I felt was very slight — if any at all. I think I am one of those guys who needs heavier weight for gains.

Using heavier weight isn’t a bad thing. Like I said, stay consistent and frequent with your sets to avoid the strength-training effect.

Right now, my hanging range is 15-23.5 lbs. When I was hanging at lower weights it only felt like weight dangling from my dick. Now, with the heavier weights, the feeling is unmistakeably that of pulling, stretching, and strain. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, we can’t just jump into heavier weights from the get-go. If I had to do it all over again, there is not much I could, or want to, change. We hangers still have to start light and work our way up. Every incremental weight increase was a battle for me. The biggest obstacle we hangers must overcome is comfort.

It takes months, for me anyway, to perfect the big pain in the ass :Wrapping and Hanger Adjustment.

Wrapping is the enemy/friend of the hanger. There are so many variables you encounter, and adjustments you need to make with your wrapping. But once you know how to “read” your body, you’ll make the daily adjustments ahead of time before hanging. For example, some adjustments may be wrapping tightness, or where you start the wrap on your shaft, or hanger placement, or (if you use a Bib) toe-in/toe-out because of varied flaccid conditions.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

I completely believe in ADS, just go out to Wal-mart and buy an ace bandage, cut it about 24 inches unstretched and wrap around your dick after hanging. Take it off to Pee. Wear it all the time, and you’re dick will reprogram and get used to being stretched out all day.

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