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Thinking about hanging

Thinking about hanging

Been working on consistently doing my PE stretches and jelqing, but I’m thinking ahead now. It’s been a good 3-4 months of decent PE now and I’ve been considering hanging and clamping to supplement whatever gains I achieve manually. I’ve already bought two cable clamps, but I’m thinking about fixing a hanging rig. Any suggestions for a starter? Also, I’ve been looking at baseball bat weights to use. They range from 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz and 28 oz. Which ones should I get?

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The hangers are split into clamp style and Vac style. I’ve had no success with either so can’t offer a recommendation. Hopefully someone will chime in. What I can say is you need a lot more weight than that; most hangers start with 2lbs and work up to 10-20. THink more along the lines of weight plates (gym weights).

Good luck.

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you can get most weight plates 10lbs and below for less than 10 bucks a pop. Get yourself a 2.5lb plate, a 5 lb plate, a 10 lb plate, and a pack of 4 ounce fishing weights (sinkers). That is likely all of the weights you will need for quite some time (of course everyone is different). Use a shoe string to attach the weights to your hanger. All of the above should cost you less than $40 in most areas, and can all be accomplished in a single trip to sporting goods store. Compared to the $1 per ounce that a lot of baseball bat weights cost, I think this works out better in all angles for you.

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Weight plates are a fairly common garage sale item

Why not just use an empty milk jug and fill it with the appropriate amount of water. A 12 ounce glass of water weighs in at about a pound.

Weight plates shouldn’t be more expensive than other weights.

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This forum is a ghosttown..

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Duly noted on the desolate nature of this forum

What hanging forum is not a ghost town or desolate?

just a warning: before you start hanging, educate yourself thorougly.

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