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The Cable Clamp as a hanger

The Cable Clamp as a hanger

Hello everyone – old friends and y’all I haven’t met yet. I’m posting for the first time in…5 years? Wow. I spent a big portion of my life here between 2003 and 2010, then slacked off as Facebook, work, family and other annoyances took over too much of my life. I reached 8 inches BPL from ~6.5”, and felt pretty satisfied. I got great unsolicited compliments from women. (One, while giving me head: “look! I can hide behind it!”)

I still stay in condition. I stretch frequently, and do my bed fowfers almost every night. I clamp occasionally – when work and privacy allows – and do uli squeezes when I’m nicely bonered-up. I pump, too – although not as frequently as I’d like.

I’ve also recently started hanging again. I want to maintain my length, and see if I can maybe eek out another half inch. Back when I was PEinig intensely I used a Capt’n’s wench, but lately I’ve been using a tool common in many PE arsenals, the Cable Clamp.

I should first emphasize that I’ve only used this system with relatively low weight – no more than 10 pounds. This should be considered an advanced technique, used only by experienced PEers.

Anyway, as you’ll see in the pictures, this just involves using the little hole on the handle of a cable clamp to hold the hanging weight. It’s simple and inexpensive. (And maybe something like this has been shared before. I haven’t thoroughly searched.)

I have two different kinds.

Cable Clamp Pro

Bender Gardner Cable Wraptor (medium)

I found both types in the electrical aisle at Fred Meyer, a department store chain in the Pacific Northwest.


1. Narrow the opening of the cable clamp, both to make it super tight around your wrap, and more comfortable when tightened. I used a couple layers of gauze tape, wrapped with cloth first aid tape.

2. Put a weight-hanger of some sort through the hole in the clamp. You’ll see I use a hook from the pan-hanging rack in my kitchen. It fits perfectly through the hole in the yellow cable clamp, or hanging off a zip-tie on the red one. The handle of the 10 lb dumbbell fits just right in the wide part of the hook.

3. Wrap your penis. As with any hanging, the wrap needs to be fairly tight around the shaft, so it doesn’t all slip off when weight is applied. (The sleeve in the picture there is a cut portion of a longer silicone sleeve I found in a sex store years ago. I don’t see it online anywhere, but it’s very tight – too tight to put on an erection – but just right for hanging. I also use non-stick elastic first aid wrap, and a short length of silicone tubing I got years ago with a Vac-u-hanger.)

4. Click the cable clamp around the shaft as tightly as you comfortably can.

5. Hang the weight off, and… hang.

That’s pretty much it. It’s pretty comfortable – you know, if hanging a 10-pound weight off your dick can be comfortable.

While I’m here, other PE-related things I’ve been doing:

For one, I’m using both of those modified cable clamps for clamping. I can get a tighter clamp-down with the narrower opening.

Also, I may not be up with the current vernacular, but I’ve always loved doing what I think we used to call Uli squeezes and Uli bends. I also have a woman friend who has sort of a fetish for big, well-defined forearms. And, my job has required several long-distance drives from Seattle to Los Angeles. Enter this steering wheel cover called JustSqueezeIt that I first saw in my golf-freak older brother’s pickup. It looks silly – the video is sillier – but now whenever I’m in the car I do sets of squeezes to strengthen my grip. It helps for Crossfit, where my point-of-failure with heavier weights has been my grip, but I’ve also found it really helps with Uli squeezes. I can grip and hold around the base really tight, and then grip my other hand below the head and compress and bend the shaft between my hands. After several weeks of the grip exercises, I can now grip tighter, and longer. The thing is pricey, but I drive a lot, so it’s been a worthwhile purchase.

Lastly, I also still occasionally like to clamp with Camco Multi Clamp that I first talked about back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. It could double as a medieval torture device, but when tightened-down, it provides a super tight clamp.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to answer any questions, although I may not be as responsive as I used to be. I’m swamped with work these days.

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Welcome back!

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Now 7.5” x 4.9” (5.1" BEG)

Regras do Fórum

Originally Posted by Lenny

Welcome back!

Thanks, Lenny! It’s fun and interesting to look around, get reacquainted with old topics, and see some new ones. I’m recalling why I enjoyed hanging out here so much.

Hmm, I have a little hole on my clamp too. Might give it a shot next year.

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Using the hole in the cable clamp as the connection to the weight works well, but when weight is applied it creates a slight bowing effect, because the weight isn’t hanging straight down. It’s hanging from the hole — an inch or so off-center from the penis.

I don’t mind the bowing, because it feels like it stretches the tunica better, and my ligs are pretty stretched out. But, it struck me (ouch!) this morning to try adding hanging straps to the clamp, so the stretch is straighter when weight is applied.

I tried using shoe string and zip ties, as shown in the pictures. I’ve tested both at 10 pounds, for at least 5 minutes. Both methods are comfortable, and gave me a very nice extended stretch.

It took a lot of adjusting to make both sides the same length, and prevent them from moving too much when weight is applied. To find the right setting, I left the straps a little lose, and then used a 5-pound weight to test and calibrate the straps. I moved the straps around the clamp until they felt right and the weight was hanging straight down, and then tightened the connections. I found the zip ties easier to calibrate. I left the ends long until the adjusting felt right, and then cut the ends off.

If you use zip ties like I did in the picture where I used the yellow clamp, be sure to turn the trimmed ends away from your cock so they don’t poke you when the hanger is under weight.

Like any hanging, be sure you align the clamp so it’s griping the sides of your penis — not the top and bottom, which can damage the dorsal (top) nerve.

I encourage anyone interested to make and test their own versions of this, so we crowdsource the design and maybe come up with something that’s effective, inexpensive, and relatively easy to make; or not — I won’t be offended if guys try it and conclude it’s not a good concept.

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