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Thanks Bigger

Thanks Bigger


With reference to our PM’s today I would like to say thanks for the advice.

I opened the Bib startor hex nuts to the maximum settings and hung in this setting for 4 sets of 10 mins each.

The underside skin of my unit was free and not at all tight and I had a terrific hang session in the SO position and dropped weights down to 3 kg and I had started at 5 kg tonight.

Tommorrow’s session as usual will be interesting. I will start at 5 kg again and see if there is a major pulling sensation in the base and need to drop the weights. I don’t think that I hit total fatigue but because the pulls wore significantly stronger then I have experienced I played it safe for tonight.

I also had quite good circulation to the glands however I take it as one is forced to drop the weight down that is being hung then the strains that are being put on the blood system become smaller.

I also understand now the need for more tightening as more weight is hung over time, either achieving this by reducing hex nut settings or increasing wrapped girth. The latter being something I am not keen on.

Okay thats all to report.

Goodnight follow hangers around the world.



You are welcome. It all sounds good.


Gentle are you talking about the two hex nuts at the bottom of your penis or the one above? I’m still trying to figure this out also. I tryed different variations to make the front and back even but cant seem to do more then 2.5 lbs without the bib slipping.

I’m wondering if I’m not tightening it enough. It just feels like to much of a squeeze when I do. Maybe this is something I need to work up too?


I have been hanging with the Bib hanger since April last year. I am a real slow learner at this and definitely no expert. However I was referring to the two hex nuts on the bottom.

I opened them out to there maximum distance because I noticed that I had no bottom gap when the hanger was attached and tightened.

I was each time the bib was applied getting the skin on the underside of my unit getting caught up in the hanger. The skin was never getting pinched but it was always under tension no matter what my wrapped girth was.

So now I definitely have a bottom gap and the skin underneath my unit when I hang last night was not caught up at all.

I have not changed my wrapped girth only the bottom gap. This has changed the area that the Bib is now attaching to. Maybe Bigger or another more expereinced hanger can explain why but I think now that the top cap is smaller then the bottom gap I have the hanger griping further upwards towards the upper level of the sides of my unit.

I think Bigger may need to reword that for me.

I tell you WoodPile that I always tighten my hanger pretty tight. The distance on the top wing nut is no concern at all however you need to be able to get the hanger to grip and not slip.

I think you had better consult more knowledge hangers than myself at this present time. I lack the ability and knowledge to explain things clearly.

But remember the hanger must not slip.

I hope you are not confused by me explanation.



Are you adjusting the inner hex nuts within the right skid? Or are the outer wing nuts on bottom loose while trying to hang?



I’m just adjusting the three thumb screw type nuts on the outside of the bib. Two are on the bottom right to me when I have the hanger on. The third thumb screw is on the top right. I mainly end up messing with the top one. Maybe this is part of the problem. Tonight I’m going to try to tighten the top thumb screw more and tighten less on the bottom. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

The Woodpile


No, you are doing it wrong. The bottom adjustments are located within the right skid. Loosen the two bottom wing nuts all the way out to the beads. Then pull the right skid away from the left one. You will see two sets of hex nut next to the hinge. The outer set is the adjustment hex nuts. By moving them in or out, you can make the bottom gap, and top gap appropriate for your wrapped flaccid girth. It is a trial and error process. After adjusting those hex nuts, you MUST snug down the wing nuts. IOW, the two halves must be static in relation to each other.

With the wing nuts loose, your penis is ‘flowing’ through the hanger. It will not work like that.

If you have any questions, just ask. But also, go back and read the product guide on my website again. It will probably make more sense.



One other thing. When adjusting the hex nuts, you want them in the correct position, so that the top gap is smaller than the bottom gap. Gap being the distance from teeth to teeth, or degree the teeth mesh.


Well I feel stupid I read the product guide like 3 times and missed that. This morning I set the bib up correctly and was able to do 5lbs without a problem. Thanks for your patience with me guys.

The Woodpile

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