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Submiting Pics

Submiting Pics

I would like to place some pics from my digital camera to this site this Sunday ( while the wife is away for a few hours ). What I want to do is show pics of me hanging, close ups of before during and after and get pointers on what looks right or wrong in what I’m doing.

These pics will show how I’m wrapping, how the current hang is looks and afterwards.

Is this acceptable to this board and how would I go about it if it is agreeable.


I’m not huge just average, 6” EL & EG 5.25” which is why I’m here in the first place, want more.



Post them in the Member’s Pics Forum. Start a new thread for your pics, one pic on the first post and another pic on each reply. You can only post one pic per reply. Make sure the file type is correct, there is a small list under the “Attach File” button that tells you what type of files are supported. And all the pics will have to be released by a moderator before they show up in your posts.

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