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Strange result

Strange result

I experimented with hanging onver my right leg. I hung a 3 lb weight and I felt what may or may not have been a lig pop a few weeks back. I did notice a very, very loose feeling on the left side of the base of the shaft. I am back to concetrating hanging straight down, but I still feel some soreness after hanging on the left base. WHile I very rarely measure my length. I don’t believe in measuring regularly, I did notice that when erect the tip of my dick now goes beyond slightly past the tip of my belly button. This is a very obvious length gain.
I noticed this maybe three weeks after the spraining on the left side.

Is it possible I popped a lig on that side and it caused the lengthning?

Ahh good old lig pops. I know you really did expierence a lig pop as we call them because I have gotten about 2 times from manual stretching that same very loose feeling afterwards when I detected a lig pop. As for gains related to lig pops I in the past have believed they either make gains or at least make gains possible. Lig pops are a weird thing, they scare the shit out of a lot of people because no one really knows what is happening inside there precious wee wee when they occur. I would suggest being safe and taking a 2-3 day break from PE, get some good sleep, eat healthy and let your penis strengthen up a little then start tackling hanging again so you don’t injure yourself. I have expiermented (crazy me) with doing even more intense manual stretching after lig pops based off the idea that maybe since the tissues are loose now I can make quicker gains but this may or may have not worked I never came to a conclusion. I then usually ended up doing what I told you to do, and rested for 2-3 days and that got rid of that loose feeling from the lig pop. Hope this info helps.


The left side doesn’t hurt at all during the day. When I hang straight down, I feel a bit of dull pain on the left side. I tested out a manualy stretch of those same ligs and it STUNG.

Do I need to concetrate on the ligs on the right now? It would seem that with looseness in the left and not the right would be disproportionate.


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