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questions for Mr. Bib


Originally Posted by sm

1) Is this common to have pain when stretching in same direction that created POP? There’s absolutely no pain when not stretching. I’m just wondering if I pulled something, etc.. Have you ever heard of this prob and have any ideas about what might have occured?

2) I’ve made such great progress in such a short time, I really don’t want to stop, so I’m wondering if I should just jelq and stretch in other directions for now? Or, should I stop stretching for a while?

3) Did I pull too hard? Is there a rule of thumb for avoiding future injuries?

4) Do you find that most of the posters who’ve made massive gains (1 1/2+ inches) all used weights, or did some of them do it via manual stretches the way I’ve been doing it? Any get there by Jelqing only?

1. If this “pain” feels like a dull ache, then you are just getting normal PE pain that signifies your stretching is having an impact on expanding your ligs/tissue.

2. Then DON’T stop! My BIGGEST REGRET TO DATE is STOPPING or “taking a 6 month” break in the fall of 2003. If you are gaining, then keep your routine and even add more to it gradually (as your normally would in a PE routine over the months) and maximize your gains! I am confidend that if you keep up your routine and over time increase the intensity, you will gain a bit more. That’s just my opinion though. I don’t want you to end up like many PE guys who have “lightened” up their routine and lost their gaining streak. What is your routine? Is it 5 days PE, 2 days resting? That’s usually the most popular method.

3. From what you posted, it sounds like you were stretching, and popped your ligaments. Immediately, you thought you broke something and your body went into a state of fear/tension. This caused your penis to get soft and your sex drive to fall completely. Which is why you got an erection when you calmed down. Then you had “pain” there the next day which you think is from the popping. The frist time I popped my ligs down there, I had the same reaction. I got scared and was not able to jelq afterwords because I was too nervous. Lig pops are fine though, nothing to really worry about. The “pain” you had afterwords was most likely attributed to your stretching, which is also normal. Unless the pain felt VERY INTENSE- and pain pulsates through your entire body upon touching your penis, then you are just experiencing a normal type of pain that you get from stretching in PE.

4. It’s a combination of both I think. The people who have resorted to hanging are usually PE veterans who have plateaued on their manual methods and figure that hanging will solve their problems. They both take a while to get gains generally- sometimes hangers will gain in the first few months and then plateau again.

… but as I said before- I’d keep doing what you are doing because it sounds like you are on your way to making some very good beginner’s gains!

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Originally Posted by dreamaloud1
LOL I know its not cool…but I like the MOS forums and have gotten a lot of help there.

I remember reading a thread there once where 2 mods in a row said lig pops were caused by air trapped beneath the ligament. ROTFL I replied that if anyone had an air bubble in their body (apart from respiratory/digestive systems) they had bigger things to worry about than a lig pop.

Like an very imminent and very painful death!

As much as it pains me to admit it, those MOS guys were probably right. Lig pops, or other pops, like those that occur when you crack your knuckles, your back, or your neck, are caused by a sudden release of gas within your joint capsules. The gas is confined to the joint capsules, so there’s no real risk that it will enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc with the heart or brain.

Joints are filled with liquid. Liquid holds gasses in solution. Bubbles are formed within the liquid by the sudden creation of a vacuum within the joint capsule, which occurs when a bone is quickly pulled “out of joint.”

The chemists can correct me, but liquids hold more gas in solution at higher pressures than at lower pressures. Suddenly reducing the pressure of a liquid saturated with gas causes the gas to “precipitate” out of the liquid. This is what happens with lig pops and most other pops. The ensuing vibration is heard as the popping sound.

Think about this: water will boil at room temperature if the pressure is low enough. Same principle.

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