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question regarding bib hanger and all nite or all day stretching!


the stretch sleeve is like wearing a real strong condom it is designed to wear overnight and has three doctors reccomandations! the only reason im argueing this point is because it does a good job simple as that. perfect compliment to the bib hanger , if i was nt doing girth enhancement also id use the bib and then right into the stretch sleeve. i think that is the best possible lenghenib=ng strategy who can possibly have!

i also rember several others who loved the sleave for that purpose on the old board!

cyber~ 8/1/4 by 6

So is it worth it?

Hi all,

So what’s the final word on long-duration stretching?

Is there a quality one for less than 50 bucks?

I checked out the and it costs over a 100 dollars!!!
No way, I am buying that! I’d buy another BIB before I do that. LOL

Does anyone have any recommedations?



Beware of “doctors recommendations” because they usually mean only one of two things - either the doctor invented the device, or the doctor is getting a kickback from the company who makes them. Endorsements such as this are usually just purely commercial arrangments. If you check the dotors who recommend the device you’ll also find that they sell them, so their recommendations can’t really be considered objective opinions because they have a vested financial interest in the product.

I’m glad you are pleased with your results using this device. It does raise concerns for me though. Firstly, it fundimentally anchors on the skin, while it may as a consequence pull the other structures of the penis along as well, I believe that a device which anchors on the structures would do this far more efficiently. Secondly, the device has inherent design flaws - you have to use adhesive tape to keep it on, it causes blisters and it’s liable to slip off. I’m also adamant that overnight stretching is a potentially dangerous practice. I’m sorry cyber, but this device doesn’t really inspire confidence. It only makes me surer there must be a far better solution out there.

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im sure theres a better solution, but this is the best out there now,also useing one pound with the stretch system sleeve you wont have any of the problems u describe!

the price for the sleave with all the hardware you need is about 25 bucks, 100 bucks is for the sleeve plus leg atachment witch is not needed!


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