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Question on my routine, ADS & Golf weights....


Originally Posted by nemisis
WTF, stubby posts and thrill responds in under an hour, but I post and all we hear is
__________________________________________________ _____________________

thats a flatline on the heart machine by the way. Maybe I should change my name to threadkiller.

So Thrill, in case you do see this thread again, how do your experiences with the grip compare with Ineed’s?

Ineed9, how long have you been hanging with the wench and how do you like it compared to the grip?

Thanks Nem

Sorry Nemisis, I haven’t been back to this thread in a while. My response to Ineed9 is that he is absolutley correct. In order hang heavier weight you have to use newer sleeves more often. To hang with 12 + pounds you should wrap the sports wrap tightly and keep the suction in the chamber pretty strong.

I also have the Bib hangar as well and it is an altogether different hang, I just can never get the correct wrap to make it comfortable. The Grip is very comfortale and I do feel a good stretch all the time with it. My hanging routine is hanging for a total of 2 30 minute sessions in the morning 10 lbs and 12.5+ lbs and wearing the golf weights or the leg strap from the Grip system to keep the penis stretched for most of the day, but unlike what Ineed9’s experience, I have been able to wear this leg device all day comfortably. When I do take it off, it’s onlt to urinate then I slap my guy around to get good circualtion going again before I put the sleeve and leg device back on. Now, let me be clear on this, that during the whole day that I wear the leg device I do not experience any discoloration in the glans, coolness in the penis or any of those kinds of side effects.

Actually allot of times I use the old sleeves in conjunction with the golf weights because it allows me to wear the golf weights longer. I just roll on two sleeves, it keeps from any flesh gathering to the head and the rubber texture keeps the weights pretty much in place.

I hope this helps Nem and Ineed9!

Start 09-27-2004 BPEL 6.25 EG 5.1 Base FG 4.0 BSFL 7.0 ____________________________ 01-03-2005 BPEL 6.58 BSFL 7.25 Current routine: A.M 2-3 Minute warm-up Hang10 lbs 30 minutes then 12.5 lbs 30 minutes ADS up to 7 hours 3 golf weights P.M Hang 12.5 lbs for 30 minutes wear Grip on thigh for 2-3 hours and go to bed.

Hey Thrill,

I’m wondering some things and hope you can help me out in regards to your Grip. Is your grip new? I noticed by your start date it’s been about 3 mths since you started. Have you noticed any length gains since you’ve been using it? You certainly have a really good routine their and I would think it should bring gains fairly quickly. Hanging in the AM, then staying stretched all day and hanging again at night, your definately on the right track! How many rest days are you taking?

When I used the grip I had a routine similar to yours but I didn’t hang in the AM ony the PM and used the weight attachment sleeve to stay extended for 1- 2 hrs afterwards. I would also put it on in the AM and wear it for as long as I could. In short, between the grip, weight attachment sleeve and jelking regularly, I did get some excellent flaccid gains but, not real erect gains to speak of.

That’s why I’m asking how it’s working out for you, length gains, that is?
I really liked the grip when it worked right. I remember when I first got it and I would put it on, create a vacuum, give it a tug, and it would literally “lock-up” on my unit…it was great! just what it needed to do to hold the weight.

Something else I wanted to ask. I’ve had problems with the G-flex sleeves and the G-flex hour glass sheath not wanting to come apart when I’d finish a set. IOW, the 2 rubber componants want to “stick” together badly and almost need a crow bar to pri them apart..hope that makes sinse. Have you had that problem as well?

I’ve been thinking about getting another grip cavity though (new one) to see how it would do compared to my old one…got to do much better…right! I haven’t given up on hanging just yet, it’s always been equipment failure that slowed me down.

Thanks for any comments on this,


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