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Please help


Please help

Hi! I started hanging last week and I keep getting the same problem. Everytime, I hang my skin is pulled forward and it seems to me like the whole tension is on the pubic area skin. All I can feel is the stretch of the skin and not of the tunica and the ligament. So, my question is this normal when starting hanging? Every response is much appreciated!

Also I am uncircumcised and maybe this is the problem?

You should retract foreskin and apply the hanger a bit lower on the shaft (I suppose you are using a Bib or an AFB hanger); when you attach the weight, you have to tighten again the hanger. Be also sure you are properly wrapping.

If you are a newbie hanging is the last thing you should do.

Find my thread, “How I attach the hanger”.

You’ll get some clues there.

Currently, you’re not grasping the internal structures.

Yes, I am using the AFB hanger. How do you mean lower? More towards the glands or the scrotum? And also this is my 4th month of my PE.

Thank you, Renholder I will find and read it.

Yes more towards the scrotum. Tighten the hanger, than apply the weight and tighten the hanger again. The hanger will slide down forming a cushion under the glans.

The clue is basically to let the hanger slide to where it’s supposed to be, BEFORE you do the final tightening.

First you tighten initially, then you pull the hanger lightly. You should feel it slide ‘into place’. Then you tighten the rest.

During your first set, you may have to tighten during the set as well. Start with LOW weights.

Hanging is an art. For most, it’s not easy to master good hanging technique. It takes time.

I still can’t find the sweet spot. How much wrapping do you suggest guys? Renholder I have tried your way and I can see it working but there is still something I need to do, I just can’t figure it out. Should the head during hanging feel a little bit harder or should it be soft?

If you are uncircumcised the hanger should be placed around mid-shaft or even lower; a lot depends on the shape of your penis, do you have a straight unit or it is curved (like most of penises)?

My unit is a little bit curved when it is in a erect state.

Then you should attach the hanger lower than the wider point of said curve.

The head should really be fairly empty of blood. A little is OKAY I guess, but it should not be filled with blood such that your enlarged head is what’s holding the hanger. That’s dangerous. However, I imagine that being completely squeezed of blood is not easy either, so a little is okay.

Like I said, this is not easy to master, so just be scientific about it and make small adjustments.

What wrap are you using?

For some reason I added a cloth last time I hung and believe I managed to make that work very well. Today, after reading my old thread, I decided to drop the cloth and I hung a perfect set with great improvement from my previous ones.

So that small change made a big difference for me.

I use theraband.

I’m using a cotton wrap and self adhesive bandage, One thing just keeps happening to me, the wrap slides towards the glans and goes under the foreskin. And this uncomfortable as hell while hanging. Everything would be great if the damn foreskin would just stay in place and not slip forward. Ren, by this point I’m desperate and will try anything to get this right, Arent there any videos out here for wrapping a uncut unit?

Uncut has nothing to do with your problems.

What’s self adhesive bandage? I only know about theraband. Maybe try dropping the cloth? Getting the right amount of wrap is a challenge as well.

I feel your frustration. I and many, many others have been there.

I believe there’s a video someplace. A member or ex member of this site made one. But I’m not sure where you can find it. Maybe some of the other PE forums.


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