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Perfect Shaft Skin Stretch - Reducing Hairy skin and Turkey neck

Perfect Shaft Skin Stretch - Reducing Hairy skin and Turkey neck

Basically I am really struggling with a lack of shaft skin. As a result I have been hanging with my foreskin as back as possible and putting the hanger right behind the head. I know this is advised against but it was comfortable at 3-5lb’s. Now at 6lbs it starts to slip etc. Plus all the whole the time it aches my balls which are being pulled up due to lack of skin on the underside.

Now I did get some skin stretch when I first started with resulted in hair coming down. Now ideally I want to have a perfect dick which would not involve having inches of hair going down it. So some people have had a little success with shaft skin stretching manually.

I think putting some theraband wrap on straight the skin to get really grip the skin then lightly putting a hanger on there, hard enough so it doesn’t slip but not so hard it grips the internals. Then simply holding the skin before the wrap and the hanger for some period of time every day. So it’s like a tug of war between your hanger and your hand and the shaft skin is taking all of the stretch. No hair and scrotum skin should be pulled down, since you are holding beyond a point where there isn’t any and should be pulling up, gripping the skin, causing friction.

I think if someone were to do this just for like 1x20minute set every day for a few week it would help a lot. I think my balls will hang lower from the extra shaft skin, resulting in more comfortable hanging sessions and more of the hanging weight will be placed on the ligaments.

Bib has suggested me wrapping to the base and just hanging that way to stretch the skin but honestly it’s just to difficult and uncomfortable for me and Blink didn’t have much of any success with it so I’m just experimenting with alternatives. I really have such little proper shaft skin, if I were to wrap to the base it would be covering scrotum/hair skin which I don’t want to have more of!

If you grab the skin in a reverse OK grip at the hair line (spot on the shaft where the hair ends) and press towards your body, and grab under your glans in another OK grip and pull gently out, you’ll get a good stretch. You don’t want to stretch until there is pain (you don’t want stretch marks, you just want to stimulate skin growth), just until the skin is relatively tight and a bit shiny. If you hold that for 40-60 seconds once an hour through the day, you’ll see good results. I’ve found I get the best/quickest results if I do the gentle stretch while semi erect (50-60%), so the skin is pushed out laterally.

I’m circumcised so I hold just under the glans. If I’m reading your post correctly, you are not, so may want the top grip to be roughly where the inner foreskin turns into regular shaft skin, so you can focus on adding additional shaft skin without enlarging your foreskin.

There is a huge body of information available by and for men who have been circumcised, who are looking to grow enough skin to recover the glans and return some of the mechanical function of a foreskin. If your interested in reading more, just google “regrow foreskin”.

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