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People who OTS hang, come here

People who OTS hang, come here

You have the weights hanging over your shoulders. Your penis is now pointing toward your head, you feel a great stretch. I tried this today and grabbed a rod and placed it under the base of the penis. I noticed that leaning backward and pushing the rod forward on the penis makes a great stretch. I’m wondering if you people try this and if it’s better than just OTS hanging without any rod? For me i get the same stretch either way? But which way is better?


You mean the rod is between your dick and body? You can get a different ‘feel’ from using rods and such, i’m experimenting with similar moves myself. I dont know if its better or worse yet, just different. Also, if you lean back you will always get a better stretch, as you are pulling on the rope. You can use this to increase tension in pulses, like AI-style. Can be quite fun. If you like having a sore dick that is (which I do).

BTW have you got your hanger and wrapping settings sorted out? Can you hang with comfort now?


Hey SS,

Yes, the rod is between the penis and my body. It is similar to dual fulcrum hanging except your pushing the top portion of your base instead of the underbelly of the penis. I do OTS hanging after an hour of dual fulcrum hanging. The rod is 3 7/8 in circumfrence. The downside of OTS hanging is I have to stand up the whole time. I don’t get enough pull when I’m sitting down. I’m using two leather belts buckled together so the weights can reach all the way down my back near my rear. I swear I look like one of those s&m guys when I look in the mirror. All I need is a leather cap and a whip lol. I’ve adjusted a few things such as wrapping and tightening the bib hanger. All is good so far. Thanks.


i just had an image of one of those guys from the movie police academy, you know the blue oyster bar scene!!

Does BTC not work for you?


Rolo, that movie was great! I was also thinking of Rob Halford from Judas Priest. BTC, works mostly for the ligs unless you stick a rod under your penis and let it hang from there. This method of hanging (which I’m currently doing) targets the tunica as well.


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