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Never underestimate Bib's lessons

Never underestimate Bib's lessons


I was nice and relaxed, having warmed up and wrapped my penis. I put the hanger on and everything seemed to be as good as usual. I applied my usual 18 pounds slowly and carefully and started up the timer for my first session. Feeling comfortable I switched on the TV and selected a program to watch for the next 15 minutes when I happened to notice some fluid drops over my weights. Yes, it was blood! I could not believe it, I was actually bleeding even though I had done that same session so many times in the last few weeks.


I had put my wrapping a little too close to my glans and I had forgotten to jelq blood out of it before putting the weight on. It is so easy to get an injury.

Fortunately I did not panic, I took my setup off, I washed and realized it was only a minor vessel which did not take the weight on itself. I jelqed and put my setup on again and did my workout with half the weight right away. It’s been two days now and I am back to maximum weight without problems.

Just to let you know, pals.

Perseverance wins



Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Did the blood come from the urethra or from a vein in your skin? Either way I don’t think it was smart to start hanging again right away. It’s always best to take some days off to let it heal even if it’s only 1 drop.

Generally speaking I agree with you, Piet.

In this particular case, as I have been pumping for almost 16 years now, I think I have the required experience to recognize a minor injury from a major one. It has happened to me other times some bleeding like this (from the urethra) and what I did the other day was the following:

1. I immediately stopped everything and washed
2. I jelqed lightly to see if there was some more bleeding
3. Once realized the bleeding had been caused by the extra pressure on the glans due to the wrong wrapping I re wrapped properly and tried again with a much lighter pressure
4. The absence of further bleeding with the right setup confirmed it was only a temporary and minor problem

I am posting this experience to remind to my self and to all my fellow PE-rs that the risk of an injury is always there, even if one is or thinks he is an experienced PEer.

I agree with the moderator that 99% of the times, the best way to react to this kind of inconvenient is taking a full week off.

If I used a different approach is just because I had had the same kind of problem before.

Perseverance wins

Buby - I had a similar experience - vac-hanging 17 pounds. All of a sudden after 10 minutes or so (I usually hang 30 minutes and my dick is very well conditioned) I felt a sharp pain at the right underside of my glans that forced me to stop at once. A blood blister had formed, a. 3/8 of an inch, looking really ugly, gf was so disgusted didn’t want to give head :) . I had to stop hanging for two weeks, back to business now. I am not aware of any differences to previous workouts.

In conclusion, even a well conditioned dick may fail without any warning.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker

In conclusion, even a well conditioned dick may fail without any warning.

I agree, especially when the owner of the dick is experienced enough to become overconfident.

Perseverance wins

After all, some experience like that is a good remedy against overconfidence.

Later - ttt


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